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International Pairs is a worldwide golf tournament for amateur club golfers with a recognized golf handicap and is arguably the World’s largest golf tournament currently. International Pairs represent a unique opportunity to start your own golf events business in your chosen territory.

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Rishi Narain – Golf Management India.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to buying an International Pairs License for your region?

My company has been running tournaments around India and also overseas for many years and we were publishing Golf Digest magazine in India prior to 2021.

2. Why did you go down the Licensee route? And why did you choose an International Pairs License?

An option to send winners to a world final gives a tournament a unique and distinct identity in an otherwise standardised tournament scene. Also golfers like to compete with a friend in pairs so that’s an appealing format also.

3. What were the benefits of obtaining an International Pairs License for your region?

Benefit is that we can build a new and different tournament property and grow it over the years.

4. How did Covid affect your International Pairs Business in your region? And how would you go about running the tournament during the pandemic?

Well in 2020 we couldn’t stage the event in India and in 2021 we are hoping that all goes well so we can stage the qualifiers and finish just before the world final.

5. What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to run the International Pairs in their region?

If you stick to staging the event year after year for a long time, the tournament becomes more and more valuable and people want to participate and sponsor it.

6. In your opinion, what makes a successful International Pairs Licensee?

It’s a lot of preparation in terms of getting the right clubs and profile of players participating to give the event credibility. This also helps attract more sponsors which are the key to good profits. You have to listen to what the sponsors want you to deliver and then work very hard to deliver. You have to educate them and be in touch with them constantly to build your relationship.

7. Have you found anything particularly challenging?

Uncertainty due to pandemic has caused havoc with course closures. So the only challenge is that golfers will be able to travel internationally due to travel restrictions.

8. What do you enjoy most about running the International Pairs in your region?

I enjoy the “ownership” of an event where I am not depending on someone hiring my company to run the event for them. We can make the tournament big and profitable depending on how much effort we put into making it popular and a great experience for the participants. It’s being my own boss that I enjoy.

9. What are your plans for the future?

We want to get as many clubs and teams to participate in the future. I am sure there will be a strong demand for good tournaments as players have been starved for high quality fun experiences and chances to travel and play top class courses and meet their friends.

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