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A fully qualified, experienced accountant, Kate is a full member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT) and graduated with a Master’s in Accounting and Finance in 2016.

Having demonstrated drive and ambition in practice over six years, Kate set up DNS’s Chancery Lane branch and has led the team there as Branch Manager for the past five years.

With accounting experience gained in different industries, especially in IT and non-established taxable persons (NETPs), the focus of Kate and her team is now on supporting her owner-managed business clients grow their businesses. Her practice specialises in providing comprehensive accounting and compliance services, overseas investment advice and compliant, advantageous tax solutions. She fully exploits technology-driven cloud accounting systems in the practice, including DNS’s bespoke bookkeeping and accounting system Nomisma.

Over the past five years, Kate has taken full advantage of the DNS network to support her and her Franchise while she grows her client base and builds a strong individual practice identity.

She has found the DNS Franchise model a very flexible structure to practice within, feeling strongly that new leads who approach the Chancery Lane practice rightly feel reassured that her growing business is part of a larger, reputable firm. This Kate believes, “gives me ‘credit’, which means that new leads trust the DNS name and therefore trust me before they actually know me. Of course, this comes with a huge responsibility, but the value of investing in a DNS Franchise rests very much in being able to share in the strength of the DNS name.”

Apart from her professional qualifications and experience as an accountant, Kate has found running her Franchise provides ample opportunity to meet her personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) aspirations. She is currently building on her interest in sales and marketing — which has obvious advantages for growing her business — by making use of her transferable skills, through personal private study, by observing, and taking advice and guidance from DNS colleagues in sales and marketing, and taking advantage of the DNS SharePoint training modules online. For example, while the initial effects of the lockdown in response to COVID-19 did effect the whole business landscape at the early stage, for Kate and her team business is now picking up again, and their recent marketing campaign is aimed at businesses that may need help to plan ahead and grow during even these turbulent times. So, Kate and her team are busy building an offering which she knows they have the expertise and experience to deliver.

Has running her Franchise given Kate job satisfaction? “The Franchise has increased my confidence and given me personal credit as a business owner. Everyone in our practice would like to try our best to engage more and more clients and continue the lifelong pursuit of CPD. We want to help our clients and help ourselves and this pursuit gives everyone job satisfaction!”

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