Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Oxford, England Thrives By Working with Clients and Making a Positive Impact on the Community

Minuteman Press is the world's largest & #1 rated printing, marketing and design franchise that was established over 45 years ago. We offer our franchisees a business that provides high demand products and services, a proven business model, and regional support offices.

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With nearly ten years under his belt, Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan knows the value of his design, marketing, and printing business for his clients.

With nearly ten years under his belt, Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan knows the value of his design, marketing, and printing business for his clients.

He explains, “Basically, we can design and print everything for them. I have received phone calls from new customers asking for one of our products such as printed banners. I ask how they heard about us and they say either positive Google reviews or direct referrals from another customer. That makes me feel like our customer service sets us apart. Strong word of mouth builds your brand.”

Another element of his printing business that makes Amad and his team stand out is that Minuteman Press provides a wide variety of customised products and services. Amad says, “We do more than printing. We do custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel. When we pack any order, we include brochures about banners, signage, promotional products. We let our clients know what we can do and they tend to respond well to that.”

Being part of the Minuteman Press International franchise system, Amad’s business is independently owned and operated. Like any business owner, he prides himself on being active in the community and making a positive difference. Amad says, “I strongly believe that working in the community is the backbone of our business. If there is a community event, we support it. People know us and we generate a lot of business doing this. I do a lot of charity work, work with schools, anything I can to help.”

One of the best aspects of working in the printing industry is that print is universal, meaning that clients come from all different industries. Amad says, “When we started, we noticed a lot of restaurants coming to us. We also work with charities, schools and colleges, training companies, and many small businesses around us. We have a lot of variety and that’s how we’ve built the business.”

Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Amad Hassan worked in the automotive industry. He says, “I worked in the BMW mini plant in Oxford for 10 years. I also drove a taxi part-time as well. I didn’t know the printing industry when I started, and Minuteman Press gave me the training and support I needed for this transition.”

In addition to the training and ongoing local support that he receives right here in Oxford, Amad saw a few other benefits of franchising with Minuteman Press. He explains, “The first benefit that was huge is that Minuteman Press has a royalty incentive program. Having a cap on royalties is a big deal. Also, when I inquired online about owning a Minuteman Press franchise, they contacted me right away and were very efficient. They took me to the different centres and the whole process was very straightforward.”

Amad adds, “Minuteman Press works for me. When I started I didn’t know anything and they taught me everything. They gave me the support and my local Area Manager Mark Jones has been a huge help. My own initiative and their support is a winning combination. Minuteman Press shows you the door but you have to go through it and execute. They also offer an Internet marketing program and that helps as well in expanding our online presence and giving a platform to get Google Reviews from our customers.”

Ultimately, after nine years, Amad truly appreciates the rewards of this venture. He states, “I appreciate being profitable and the time and flexibility I have with my life.”

His advice for others who are thinking of owning a business or franchise is this: “Invest in the business at the right time. Get the best staff and the right equipment. Be loyal with the customer. Don’t upset the customer, and do right by them every time.”

Lastly, Amad says, “Make sure you market the business. That’s the key to everything.”

Amad Hassan’s Minuteman Press franchise is located at 16-17 Hollybush Row, Oxford 0X1 1JH.

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