Bar & Restaurant Franchise Opportunities
If you have always dreamed of your own restaurant but don’t know where to begin, a bar and restaurant franchise is a great idea for you. Restaurant franchises can be real winners in the world of food and drink. Our list of franchises below give you something to get your teeth into.

Cafe Rouge

Café Rouge is an established, successful restaurant and café business that offer authentic French cuisine to their UK customers. They are now looking to expand their bu... Read More
Min. Investment: £375,000

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Information on Bar & Restaurant Franchise Opportunities
Many people dream of opening a bar or restaurant but are daunted by the many problems which seem to beset new openings. A better way to progress is to invest in a bar and restaurant franchise because that way you get to achieve your dream but with the backing of both an established name and also knowledgeable people to go to for help. Full training is given in all aspects of the bar and restaurant trade – a love of food and drink is not enough to start a business of this kind and a UK franchise in this area is the best route to success. From the preparation of food to the best way to manage a cellar, through government legislation and the hiring and management of staff, you will get full training and continuing back-up when you take out a bar and restaurant franchise.

When people go out for a meal or a drink, they want to know what they are getting and an established name or logo on the front of the pub or restaurant gives them the confidence that they will have an enjoyable meal or evening out and good value for money. Going out for a meal is no longer such a casual expenditure with money being rather tight so everyone appreciates the chance to go out for excellent food, service and ambience with a name they can trust. For your entry into the world of food and drink, you can’t do better than a bar and restaurant franchise.