Great coffee and excellent food - Caffe Latte outlets are popping up everywhere and are loved by all - especially coffee lovers! Open your own store with a franchise opportunity.

Caffe Latte

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Great coffee, hot prospects
and the fine aroma of success


What is Caffè Latte™?

Caffè Latte™ is the antidote to over-formulaic pre-packaged coffee-shops. We believe great coffee and excellent food taste better if they are enjoyed unrushed in good company with a genuine personality.

Not only are we famous for our warm relaxed atmosphere, we maintain industry-beating profits into the bargain. Caffè Latte franchisees enjoy being at the true heart of their community and operate with high potential profits.

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Why is Caffè Latte™ special?

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience the delight of a visit to Caffè Latte for yourself!

We are competition-beating because:

  • Popularity – Customers recognise and enjoy our more personal and relaxing coffee-shop experience. 
  • Location – Our coffee shops work well in ‘destination’ locations as well as on the high street.
  • Profitability – Our model means we can afford to offer individual service and hand prepared food and still be profitable. 
  • Awards – Caffè Latte has been repeatedly singled out as a destination coffee shop and five star operation.

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Isn’t it difficult to set up a coffee shop?

It would be difficult to set-up your own coffee-shop, especially alone and for your first time.

Caffè Latte makes setting up a coffee-shop so much easier!

We do most of the work for you, including:

  • Help you find and apply for the money.
  • Help you find and negotiate premises.
  • Plan and design your luxurious coffee-shop.
  • Help you set up using our high quality but reasonably-priced fit out. 
  • Provide all the furniture and equipment you need in one simple ‘turnkey’ package.
  • Help you recruit, train and manage staff.
  • Train you, managers and staff to run a successful coffee shop and business.
  • Launch your new coffee shop with exciting events and promotions.
  • Give you access to exclusive high-quality suppliers at the right price.

We are there for you when you need us – anytime, all of the time.

Is it proven?

Yes. We already operate successfully and have tested Caffè Latte in the UK in a carefully selected location that proves its potential anywhere. Our first Caffè Latte generates £225,000 per annum.

What does it cost?

Caffè Latte is the best value coffee shop franchise on the market because we want to help good franchisees get started:

  • Our joining fee is only £10,000 (+ VAT) for a large territory and the possibility to open more shops.
  • The ‘turnkey package’ of all the furniture, coffee and food equipment and services needed to start is only around £40,000 (+ VAT), before building works.

Banks may lend upwards of 50% of your start-up costs, thus reducing your minimum personal investment to as little as £28,000.


What do I get for my money? 

  • A huge territory.
  • A full suite of training.
  • Detailed Manuals.
  • Computers and EPOS.
  • All coffee equipment, cups, glasses and crockery.
  • Initial stocks.
  • Company, VAT and Accounts set-up.
  • Premises inspection, designs and plans.
  • Signwriting for the shop and livery for one vehicle.
  • Uniforms.
  • All furniture for an 80 seat set up.
  • Launch Events and marketing.
  • Stationery and marketing materials.
  • Your own microsite.

Is Caffè Latte™ for you? 

The Caffè Latte franchise suits anyone with the personality, flair and business common-sense to look after our Customers and put the heart back into good coffee, good food and good company.

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