CAVAVIN is the leading French franchisor of wine and spirits distribution with over 150 franchisees.


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Full Description

The CAVAVIN brand is now developing its international network throughout the UK.

As an internationally expanding brand, we already have over 10 units in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast, Guyana, Reunion Island and Congo.

The UK is a priority for CAVAVIN because thanks to our key success factors and our 2 successful UK franchisees, we know there is room for a differentiating positioning on a market oriented on good value for money and wide ranges.

The CAVAVIN Offering

A wide range of suppliers and products

CAVAVIN’s 150+ suppliers in the wine and spirits industry are loyal partners, and CAVAVIN is generally these suppliers’ best client. Suppliers are selected for their exclusive and authentic products.

CAVAVIN brings to its franchisees a wide range of products covering the entire price spectrum and all customer tastes; from very affordable items (with a great quality / price ratio) to premium products (such as fine wines). Depending on each shop’s location and customer portfolio, we fine-tune the selection of 600 products out of the 2,000 stock-keeping units available on CAVAVIN logistic platform.

In addition to the usual portfolio of French and world-class wines, CAVAVIN is also open-minded when it comes to discussing customisation to match local habits (a percentage of non-French wines can be negotiated in addition to CAVAVIN’s offers).

A proven supply chain

Our logistic service level is excellent, operating without minimum quantity restrictions on cartons. CAVAVIN has 30+ years experience in cost efficiency. We will carefully fine-tune a full supply chain solution for every market you want to target.

Efficient merchandising and customer experience

The other key success factors of the concept are based on a consumer-friendly and accessible shop concept, and high-end presentation.

The Wine Sign® or Signe Oenologique ® is a customer-orientated experience used to recruit new customers and gain their loyalty. It can be sold through a wine tasting animation or a Do It Yourself animation if the customer buys a box. Once each participant has his own wine sign, we provide him with a personalised wine cellar book which details CAVAVIN wines that will suit his tastes.

Our franchisees can express their strong spirit of entrepreneurship

Thanks to the CAVAVIN concept you can organise your business being:

  • owner operator as our franchisee at Hertford. Year 3average turnover objective is at £300,000;
  • or in a multi-channel approach as our franchisee from Sheffield employing 28 people dealing with hotels and restaurants, trading on e-commerce in addition to the wine shop usual business. Its 2018 turnover is £6 million.
  • or in a multi-unit approach with supervisors monitoring each unit results but also dealing on BtoB

Franchisor Support

Full support and training

A qualified support team will help you to set up your shop: before opening we support you to validate the appropriate location, to design the furniture (that we provide), working on plans and we advise on decoration.

You will benefit from three training sessions to master both wine knowledge (e.g. ranges and upstream supply chain) and day-to-day operational organization (i.e. tools and technical know how).

The dedicated head office support team will always be available to address any issues you may have, and will be on hand for the entire term of development. You will be supplied with tools to increase your efficiency both before and after store opening. The brand has an extensive catalogue of marketing programs and will support you.

Our Ideal Candidate

If you are an Epicurean entrepreneur or investor, you are invited to join this leading French network to follow your passion. You can become a single or a multi-unit owner (fees are negotiable depending on the number of units).

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