How Long Does a Trulawn Lawn Last?

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Do you dream of a perfect lawn you can use all year round?

Trulawn Franchise

Year Round Beauty

Well, you don’t have to dream any longer! There is an alternative that can transform your lawn into a tidy, ever green oasis which means no muddy messes in winter, no brown or white patches in summer and no more time spent mowing and disposing of endless grass clippings.

That alternative is Trulawn Artificial Grass. But just how long can this perfect solution last without you having to get the lawn redone? It depends on the GrassNot all artificial grass is the same. The quality largely depends on the type of yarn, its density as well as the pile height.

Our premium grass Trulawn Luxury, is the highest quality artificial grass currently on the market due to its realistic appearance, density and technical specification.

Made from 100% polyethylene the grass has optimum bounce-back recovery so the blades stay upright. This material also has the best colour retention of any material used in artificial grass – so it will stay looking its best for the longest.

Guarantee and Life Expectation

At Trulawn we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our grasses. This is usually enough time to justify the upfront installation cost many times over, when compared to the cost of mowing, landscaping, watering and general upkeep of real turf over a ten year period.

The fact that artificial grass is made from synthetic fibres makes it extremely durable and resistant to general wear and tear.

With an average volume of traffic and use and with typical minimal maintenance, we expect the grass to last for as much as 15 years. In areas of higher traffic this may be reduced.

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