Seniors Helping Seniors continues to operate and adapt in preparation for unprecedented demand

This care franchise is looking for a few ordinary people with extraordinary hearts to open an in-home care service making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Seniors Helping Seniors

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The homecare franchise is contuning help their clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis and is expecting a huge demand in their services going forward.

Since it was established in 1998, Seniors Helping Seniors has grown very steadily. We work with trusted partners who become pillars of their communities. Our motive is to help as many people as possible with valuable local work and to provide elderly care people enjoy and feel good about receiving. The pandemic has been a strong confirmation of the company’s policies.

Because we know the carer and the client receive proven benefits, our trademark is “a way to give and to receive”

One of the key elements of keeping well, is self esteem.

Our carers are seniors themselves which means they tend to be ’empty nesters’ or people living alone or in small settings.

The task of isolating when they are not at work has been more straightforward than it has been for carers living in bustling families. Our carers report their health status before every client visit and thankfully the risk from our carers to our clients has remained stable and low.

Our policy is to provide the same carer to each client, so the risks are as low for each person. The carer has the peace of mind that no-one other than them visited the client since their last visit. Even when the client requires several visits a day, schedules involve a very small team of cares. The ratio is very low and the carers trust that they are safe at work.

Everyone is grateful for Seniors Helping Seniors services and “ going forward we are prepared for unprecedented numbers. On one hand, our clients are part of the highest-risk group. On the other hand, if they’re home self-isolating, they need someone to check on them. Thankfully, we are deemed an essential service. There’s this perception now that facility-based care is less safe. Home care is the alternative” reports Daniel Jan, VP operations, Seniors Helping Seniors Global.

Seniors Helping Seniors have over 300 franchises worldwide, four in England. The brand is well-recognised and trusted as a world-leader in providing non-medical care for older people in their own homes and specialist employment for older people.

Seniors have particular requirements to work. Seniors Helping Seniors employment strategies are unique and our policies suit them. Seniors Helping Seniors UK is part of government initiative to help people who are often distanced from work back to employment and “even though COVID-19 is responsible for millions of job losses “the quality of our applicants is outstanding. It’s a source of great pride to all our offices that we can offer amazing people well paid work they love to do” says Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors UK.

There is a very high-demand for our services on all levels. Franchisees can build successful and profitable businesses at a comfortable and steady pace.

The company has developed a specific franchise package to help people start a Seniors Helping Seniors in the South East and East of England as soon as possible (see listing for details)

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