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Trulawn franchisees have an eco-feather in their cap, with a 100% recyclable grass in their range.

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We understand that many schools follow a dedicated eco-policy to promote sustainability and an environmentally conscious outlook for their students. At Trulawn, we don’t support plastic waste either, which is why we are the first UK artificial grass company to provide a 100% fully recyclable grass!

Trulawn Harmony is our most eco-friendly product and made up of 80% recycled products, with only 20% additional plastic used to ensure long-life UV protection. Better still, the usual 10 year guarantee on products can also be passed onto your clients. Eco-friendly comes with no sacrifice in performance.

People may not realise but artificial grass also has other benefits to the environment.

  • Reduces carbon emissions: Mowing down large playing fields is eliminated, which actually helps reduce man-made carbon emissions from petrol or electricity.
  • Saves water: Avoiding having to water and use sprinkler systems on artificial grass can save significant amounts of water. It’s estimated in the US over 3 Billion gallons a year is saved through the use of artificial grass.
  • Saves energy: Think of the electricity needed to use the lawnmower or strimmer. Or the amount of fuel needed to transport your grass clippings to the landfill. It may not seem much but together over the course of a lifetime it can amount to a lot of energy used (and paid for by you).
  • No chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers: It’s rare to have a naturally perfect grass lawn so we often resort to using weed killers or pesticides to achieve that lush look we all desire. These can contain harmful chemicals and repeated use can damage the environment.

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