Lee Pellicci, Wolf Healthcare Franchisee

A franchise opportunity that grows organically year on year. Unprecedented franchisee support that underpins and maintains early and ongoing profitability. With demand in our sector dwarfing supply and multiple national contracts already agreed, starting your own healthcare agency couldn’t be easier with Wolf Healthcare.

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"It is a great feeling to look back on my first six months as a Franchisee and know that I do not regret my decision and would do it again. The support, training, and guidance that I have received as someone new to health and social care is staggering; allowing me to feel comfortable that my business will continue to develop and become even more profitable. The expertise offered and shared by Head Office is industry-leading, innovative, and unwavering; and the tools and systems provided as part of the Franchise package are robust and invaluable as we continue to grow. Having previously owned Franchises in a globally Franchised business, the feel of Wolf Healthcare is markedly different. From day-one, it was apparent that Ollie, Lisa, and all of the Head Office team are part of your Franchise team, working with you to ensure success. In my first six months, a dedicated trainer has been added to ensure staff are up-skilled, payroll has been taken in-house to remove this task from Franchisees, allowing us to focus on driving revenue. It has been a steep learning curve but very rewarding, and at every step an expert is at hand"

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