SmartPA Partner Nige Sterrick

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I took voluntary redundancy after 9 years in financial services and had started to look for a new position.

SmartPA Partner Nige Sterrick

I knew very early on that I’d made the right decision, as the support, guidance, encouragement, mentoring, coaching and training I’ve received has been first class. I can honestly say I’ve not had one single negative experience since I joined SmartPA. I can see no reason why I’m not with SmartPA until I retire…or possibly semi-retire and remain involved due to the flexibility of the SmartPA model.

Thankfully I’ve at least 20 years of being a full-time SmartPA Partner until I need to start to think about retirement. I’m excited when I think of what I could achieve in the 20 years and where SmartPA will be as a global phenomenon by then…

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