Sports Franchises Franchise Opportunities
Sports franchises can cover all manner of sporting activities and also the supply of sports clothing. From training to running a club or gym, your sports franchise can reflect your own sporting interest or you can manage a team. Our full list of franchises in the section is outlined below, enquire now for free.

Legacy Sport

Create your own sporting legacy with this brand new school sports franchise!... Read More
Min. Investment: £8,495

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Super Star Sport

With a Super Star Sport franchise, you can offer sport and football classes to children in your local area, through partnerships with schools, and with sports parties, ev... Read More
Min. Investment: £14,995

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Roary Lions Yoga Club

Run a Roary Lions yoga franchise and partner with schools, nurseries and playgroups to provide yoga class focusing on the physical and emotional health of children and te... Read More
Min. Investment: £7,995

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Information on Sports Franchises Franchise Opportunities
Everyone needs downtime and we all know how important it is to get enough exercise to stay healthy throughout our lives. This is where an opportunity for a sports franchise comes in – giving you a chance to earn a good income from a reasonable investment.

It is no accident there are many sports franchises in the UK today. Some of these are aimed at young children and school age children, while others are aimed at adults. You could run anything from a children’s yoga business to a gym intended for adults only, such is the diversity among sports franchising opportunities in the UK today.

The recommended amount of exercise for adults is 30 minutes every day as a minimum, more if you are trying to lose weight. Thus if you consider the perks of sports franchising, you can see you will be doing your bit to encourage a healthier lifestyle in those who use your business. This could mean getting kids into healthy habits at a young age, or providing fitness classes for adults who want to lose weight or maintain their current slim figure. It’s clear that investing in a sports franchise business is indeed a smart decision.

There are lots of financial opportunities here too, regardless of your investment amount. While there are many franchises offered for five figure sums, there are also several offered for less than four figures, including one or two for less than £1,000.

The good news is that with an ever increasing interest in our health and wellbeing, it is easy to find the right type of franchise for you in this area. From yoga classes to weight loss programs and children’s musical parties to gyms, there is something here for everyone. If you are looking for a business that can truly expand and always be required, this is the one.