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  • Alistair Hoy

    Alistair Hoy

    23rd January 2019

    A great deal can happen in a year, as ChipsAway franchisee Alistair Hoy can testify. Last year, Ali opened a…

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  • Shen (High Wycombe)

    Shen (High Wycombe)

    27th December 2018

    "I purchased an existing well established area with two leagues already in place, within my first year I have been…

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  • Michael (Lincolnshire)

    Michael (Lincolnshire)

    "I bought a 'new' area, but was quickly able to establish my first league within one month from my training…

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  • Andrew (Gower and Swansea)

    Andrew (Gower and Swansea)

    "It's been just four short months since my wife Louise and I decided to meet with the Leisure Leagues team,…

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  • Darrell Smith

    Darrell Smith

    Having had an awful experience with a formal networking group previously, I was slightly unsure about joining another network group….

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  • Lynn Laws

    Lynn Laws

    Their hands-on approach is helpful and most welcome…Always available for a brief discussion on the phone or by email, we…

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  • Anonymous


    Networking is a big element of the franchise experience, our unique business networking events that are offered with every franchise…

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  • Darren Illston

    Darren Illston

    Your flexibility and willing to assist goes way beyond anything I have experienced and it is a real comfort, knowing…

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  • Sam Clark

    Sam Clark

    “I am very much impressed with Avanti’s professionalism, knowledge and effort, more than happy.”

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  • Carl Brown, vomFASS Milton Keynes

    Carl Brown, vomFASS Milton Keynes

    I became a vomFASS franchisee in 2011, when I opened my vomFASS store in Milton Keynes. I had previously been…

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  • Daniel Martino, vomFASS São Paulo

    Daniel Martino, vomFASS São Paulo

    About 2 years ago I was on vacation in Europe with my wife and my daughters. Walking around the city…

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  • Afrim Ujka and Renata Codreanu

    Afrim Ujka and Renata Codreanu

    We have worked with Waves since December 2015 and have three sites between us; we used to have an independent…

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  • Kamel Youssef

    Kamel Youssef

    I had my own independent car wash located in Kensington Homebase and when I found out Homebase had sold the…

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  • Sabri Shahini

    Sabri Shahini

    I have been running a car wash in Tesco for 13 years and have been a Waves Franchise Partner for…

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  • Russ Thornton & Steve Brock

    Russ Thornton & Steve Brock

    We started our World Options franchise three years ago, we have built up a good customer base and the business…

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  • Lucky and Sil Chana

    Lucky and Sil Chana

    We have been World Option franchise holders for the past two and a half years now. In this time we…

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  • Brett Beresford (Harrogate)

    Brett Beresford (Harrogate)

    As a franchisee based in Harrogate, I have been a franchisee now for over three years. In that time the…

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  • Leland Mayall (Oldham)

    Leland Mayall (Oldham)

    Having been a franchisee for 12 months now, I am absolutely delighted that I decided to take on a World…

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  • Lance Grew

    Lance Grew

    Having started my World Option franchise in 2014, I have found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. The…

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  • Izabella Drake (Bournemouth)

    Izabella Drake (Bournemouth)

    We have had our World Options franchise for just over two years now and, as someone who has always worked…

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  • Matthew Mansfield (Liverpool)

    Matthew Mansfield (Liverpool)

    I have been a World Options franchisee since 2014, so almost three years now. In that time I have turned…

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  • Mike Lowe (World Options Franchisee)

    Mike Lowe (World Options Franchisee)

    ‘Having worked with the WO system in the past I am fully aware of the benefits and feel I can…

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  • Nicola (Romford)

    Nicola (Romford)

    "My journey to becoming an LPG owner is not a typical one! I applied for the manager’s role running an…

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  • Anna (Harrogate)

    Anna (Harrogate)

    "As a mum of two and still committed to my children’s upbringing it has been very challenging to find an…

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  • Melanie (Ipswich)

    Melanie (Ipswich)

    "I am currently working as a teacher, but I am also very interested in using the skills I am developing…

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  • Sheila (Norwich)

    Sheila (Norwich)

    "I previously worked as senior manager of a children’s adventure theme park, and came to a point where I wanted…

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  • Carolyn A

    Carolyn A

    Signing up to this befriender service was efficient, quick and easy. My mum's befriender was picked as she shared some…

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  • Jackie S

    Jackie S

    My mother is reluctantly accepting that she needs a bit of help with everyday things, but the relationships she is…

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  • Helen Stephens

    Helen Stephens

    We rely on this service to tend a relative with no immediate family living in the UK. They are our…

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  • Dee A

    Dee A

    This agency is very well run and the manager and his staff are endlessly helpful, going the extra mile to…

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  • Dave N

    Dave N

    We were appointed power of attorney for our elderly neighbours. Seniors helping Seniors were employed for a short time on…

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  • Brian B

    Brian B

    We have used Seniors Helping Seniors for at least 2 years now for my parents. The care and service we…

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  • Graham C

    Graham C

    Seniors Helping Seniors have been supporting my father for nearly 2 years. My dad has Alzheimers and lives alone in…

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  • GJ


    24th December 2018

    Although I only got involved with Additional Resources quite recently I am already impressed by the support and service they…

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  • MF


    I joined Additional Resources in July 2017 and it was the best decision I could have made. At first I…

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  • CB


    I have been with Additional Resources for 2 years now and although in business terms that is still a relatively…

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  • JT


    With Additional Resources you get 'what it says on the tin'. You are coached through the recruitment process and the…

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  • JM


    I have now been an Associate with Additional Resources Ltd for 5 Years. I have always received fantastic ongoing daily…

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  • GW


    From the beginning, it was clear that Additional Resources offered a very professional, yet personal approach to their business and…

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  • Jane, APS Client

    Jane, APS Client

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care with which you have handled the estate…

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  • Carole Lloyd, APS Legal & Associates Franchisee

    Carole Lloyd, APS Legal & Associates Franchisee

    I started with APS Legal & Associates at 54, after 27 years in stockbroking. It was a big challenge to…

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  • Colin Carter (Cornwall)

    Colin Carter (Cornwall)

    I have been an estate planner in Cornwall since 2005. Two years into my new career, the company I represented…

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  • Joseph Etherington – Associate of APS Legal and Associates

    Joseph Etherington – Associate of APS Legal and Associates

    Since becoming an associate of APS Legal & associates in April 2016 I found them to be a great organisation…

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  • Yvonne Mills, Licensed Associate (North Surrey)

    Yvonne Mills, Licensed Associate (North Surrey)

    “After going through a difficult year personally I decided I needed a bit of a career change. I worked as…

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  • Claire Robinson, Accentia Northampton

    Claire Robinson, Accentia Northampton

    After being asked many times to help people franchise their business, I looked long and hard to find someone to…

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  • Joe (YZ45 Colchester)

    Joe (YZ45 Colchester)

    12th May 2018

    “I decided to take on a YourZone45 studio as I was looking for the next step in my career. I…

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  • Jules (YZ45 Bingley)

    Jules (YZ45 Bingley)

    I left my job in IT whilst pregnant with my first daughter 11 years ago. I now havethree children and…

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  • Tony Murphy, With Thanks franchisee (Burnley)

    Tony Murphy, With Thanks franchisee (Burnley)

    I’ve recently retired and got bored, so wanted to set up a business with a proper model already in place….

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