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  • Jules (YZ45 Bingley)

    Jules (YZ45 Bingley)

    I left my job in IT whilst pregnant with my first daughter 11 years ago. I now havethree children and…

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  • Joe (YZ45 Colchester)

    Joe (YZ45 Colchester)

    “I decided to take on a YourZone45 studio as I was looking for the next step in my career. I…

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  • Tony Murphy, With Thanks franchisee (Burnley)

    Tony Murphy, With Thanks franchisee (Burnley)

    I’ve recently retired and got bored, so wanted to set up a business with a proper model already in place….

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  • Jim (Mansfield)

    Jim (Mansfield)

    The ‘With Thanks’ Franchise is a Fantastic and stress free way to earn a living! I was previously a Store…

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  • Lynn Prudhoe (Sunderland)

    Lynn Prudhoe (Sunderland)

    With thanks has by far the best quality sweets and snacks in this market, and the best range, not just…

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  • Richard Simmons (Banbury)

    Richard Simmons (Banbury)

    After running my own book and gift business for roughly ten years I was looking for a change and came…

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  • Danny Jacob (Bedford)

    Danny Jacob (Bedford)

    “Before joining The With Thanks Team and taking the big step to become a proud owner of my first Franchise…

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  • Gareth & Mike Hancock (Cwmbran)

    Gareth & Mike Hancock (Cwmbran)

    With very little employment opportunities in my area I decided to try to start my own business. I needed a…

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  • Linda Thompson, Cumbria

    Linda Thompson, Cumbria

    So far I am very pleased. I have been happy with the support, the training and the encouragement we have…

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  • Garry Green (Basingstoke)

    Garry Green (Basingstoke)

    The team from With thanks has been down several times to help me grow my business which has been very…

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  • Hilary Alldis (Fareham)

    Hilary Alldis (Fareham)

    I saw this has an opportunity to build my own business at my own pace and I’m glad I did….

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  • Alan Carey (Reading)

    Alan Carey (Reading)

    What attracted me to With Thanks was the low start up the good support and its uncomplicated business model; I…

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  • Nigel Oldman (Leicester)

    Nigel Oldman (Leicester)

    I wanted something proven with low risk and without a huge investment. I also wanted support. With Thanks has given…

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  • Russ Thornton & Steve Brock

    Russ Thornton & Steve Brock

    We started our World Options franchise three years ago, we have built up a good customer base and the business…

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  • Lucky and Sil Chana

    Lucky and Sil Chana

    We have been World Option franchise holders for the past two and a half years now. In this time we…

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  • Leland Mayall (Oldham)

    Leland Mayall (Oldham)

    Having been a franchisee for 12 months now, I am absolutely delighted that I decided to take on a World…

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  • Lance Grew

    Lance Grew

    Having started my World Option franchise in 2014, I have found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. The…

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  • Brett Beresford (Harrogate)

    Brett Beresford (Harrogate)

    As a franchisee based in Harrogate, I have been a franchisee now for over three years. In that time the…

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  • Izabella Drake (Bournemouth)

    Izabella Drake (Bournemouth)

    We have had our World Options franchise for just over two years now and, as someone who has always worked…

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  • Matthew Mansfield (Liverpool)

    Matthew Mansfield (Liverpool)

    I have been a World Options franchisee since 2014, so almost three years now. In that time I have turned…

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  • Mike Lowe (World Options Franchisee)

    Mike Lowe (World Options Franchisee)

    ‘Having worked with the WO system in the past I am fully aware of the benefits and feel I can…

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  • Firas Al-Homsi, Business Development Manager, Ali Alghanim & Sons, Kuwait

    Firas Al-Homsi, Business Development Manager, Ali Alghanim & Sons, Kuwait

    We are delighted to have partnered with Wok&Go, they take international franchising very seriously and they provide us with all…

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  • Ron Laker, Franchise Partner

    Ron Laker, Franchise Partner

    I was looking for a franchise that offered me something different. Wok&Go hit the right spot, offering a great deal…

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  • Workshop attendee

    Workshop attendee

    This afternoon I took advantage of half term, and ran a parent & child meditation in my studio. I had…

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  • Caroline, workshop attendee

    Caroline, workshop attendee

    My first Vitali-Chi class offered an exciting, informative and totally nurturing full on 2 days of exploring beyond what is…

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  • Deborah’, Brentwood workshop

    Deborah’, Brentwood workshop

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to you both. I can’t tell you what this weekend meant to…

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  • Susan, Colchester workshop

    Susan, Colchester workshop

    It all flows so well. It will grow and grow, you will have to employ other trainers!

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  • Sarah, Colchester workshop

    Sarah, Colchester workshop

    It was a great weekend, delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you both so much.

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  • Anna,  Colchester workshop

    Anna, Colchester workshop

    I like the depth and quality of the teaching material. I also liked the fact that there is a lot…

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  • Amanda, Colchester workshop

    Amanda, Colchester workshop

    Allen + Jill, you are both so patient with lots of questions. Both your answers are very informative and made…

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  • Jane, Colchester workshop

    Jane, Colchester workshop

    I liked that it wasn’t too formal, as it made me feel at ease. The videos were very informative and…

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  • Belinda, Colchester workshop

    Belinda, Colchester workshop

    Thank you both for a lovely weekend, I learned a lot and I’m slowly reading through my manual. There is…

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  • Jody Kettle

    Jody Kettle

    I use her face mask – which smells lovely and it really does make your skin feel lovely too, I…

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  • Nigel Pearce

    Nigel Pearce

    I really enjoy lifestyle now and working alongside Tubz team. In January 2013, I invested in a further 50 units…

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  • Jim from Scotland

    Jim from Scotland

    I knew nothing about vending or sweets, except eating them, but the guys at Tubz patiently answered my questions. I…

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  • Chris and James Battersby

    Chris and James Battersby

    The product choices available continually improve, with new product lines regularly becoming available, keeping the towers up to date with…

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  • Martyn Horton

    Martyn Horton

    My decision to choose TruGreen was down to the professionalism I saw when visiting ServiceMaster head office. Not only that…

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  • Mike Lethbridge

    Mike Lethbridge

    I needed to know I was investing in a company I could work with, after meeting with Steve and the…

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  • Karen Burdett

    Karen Burdett

    TruGreen has ambitious growth plans and is looking for like-minded, driven franchise owners who want to succeed as part of…

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  • Gerry B

    Gerry B

    “I spent four years looking for different franchises, looking to acquire different businesses and that was after a 30-year corporate…

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  • Karen C

    Karen C

    “Being a Transworld franchisee has worked out great for me. It’s a wonderful business model; we’ve had two or three…

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  • Rupesh B

    Rupesh B

    “Transworld is a major brand with proven processes, as well as being a part of United Franchise Group, which was…

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  • Jessica F

    Jessica F

    “I love owning a Transworld Business Advisors for a couple different reasons. One, I’m passionate about business and entrepreneurship, so…

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  • Claire, Top10 Local franchisee

    Claire, Top10 Local franchisee

    Finding a franchise which allowed me to work from my home was proving to be difficult. Top10 allows me to…

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  • Andy (The Wheel Specialist Manchester)

    Andy (The Wheel Specialist Manchester)

    “Business has been fantastic from day one. We took in almost £20k in our first month, which far exceeded my…

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  • Colin (The Wheel Specialist East Kilbride)

    Colin (The Wheel Specialist East Kilbride)

    "I started off my journey running the Edinburgh branch of The Wheel Specialist and I absolutely loved it. After receiving…

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  • Danny (The Wheel Specialist Durham)

    Danny (The Wheel Specialist Durham)

    “We were looking for a long time for a franchise business to invest in. After hours, weeks, months and years…

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  • Mark (The Wheel Specialist Nottingham)

    Mark (The Wheel Specialist Nottingham)

    "I have owned a TWS franchise now for over eight years. Over the years the franchise network has grown substantially…

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