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  • Sam Elliot (Hometyre Sheffield)

    Sam Elliot (Hometyre Sheffield)

    I'm really happy with how the business is going. The model works, and by following it closely I have seen…

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  • Craig Schwartz (Hometyre Milton Keynes)

    Craig Schwartz (Hometyre Milton Keynes)

    I qualified as a diesel mechanic many years ago and following a few years in the retail industry I decided…

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  • Paul Higgins (Hometyre Manchester South)

    Paul Higgins (Hometyre Manchester South)

    I had a light bulb moment when I had first-hand experience of using a mobile tyre fitting company that led…

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  • Kevin Thornton (Hometyre Midlands South)

    Kevin Thornton (Hometyre Midlands South)

    I had been looking for the past couple of years for the right opportunity to break out on my own….

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  • Keith Wilson (Hometyre Cambridge)

    Keith Wilson (Hometyre Cambridge)

    "I joined the team in September 2009 after working in the printing trade for 38 years so running my own…

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  • Mark Watson (Hometyre Sussex)

    Mark Watson (Hometyre Sussex)

    As the first franchisee, I have been very pleased with the way Hometyre works, and how the guys that run…

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  • Hayley Widlake (DOR-2-DOR (Swansea))

    Hayley Widlake (DOR-2-DOR (Swansea))

    “We now deliver to 50,000 households every week. What I like most about the franchise is the salary it gives…

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  • Andrew Frisby (DOR-2-DOR (Ashford & Tunbridge Wells))

    Andrew Frisby (DOR-2-DOR (Ashford & Tunbridge Wells))

    “I have been the DOR-2- DOR franchisee in the Weald of Kent for about 9 years. The reason we took…

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  • Gareth Evans (DOR-2-DOR (Stourbridge))

    Gareth Evans (DOR-2-DOR (Stourbridge))

    “I have been running the business for nearly 3 years and in that time we have established an excellent and…

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  • Debbie Siragher (DOR-2-DOR (Cambridge))

    Debbie Siragher (DOR-2-DOR (Cambridge))

    “I have had the franchise for Cambridge for about 8 years, and there are 2 great things about DOR-2-DOR –…

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  • David Brant, PPP Franchise Partner

    David Brant, PPP Franchise Partner

    "I have successfully generated a replacement income, provided for my retirement so I won’t need to rely on family or…

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  • Alex and Emma Glass, PPP Franchise Partners

    Alex and Emma Glass, PPP Franchise Partners

    "We knew what we wanted to do, we knew what type of lifestyle we wanted to achieve and what income…

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  • Cathy Colston, PPP Partner

    Cathy Colston, PPP Partner

    "I have been able to use equity in my own home to help me build a successful property business of…

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  • Will Tsang, PPP Partner

    Will Tsang, PPP Partner

    "The benefit of being part of Platinum Property Partners far outweighed the cost and risk of going it alone. Also,…

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  • Claire (Bromley)

    Claire (Bromley)

    I used to work in the travel industry and my husband in banking but we wanted to run our own…

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  • Carolyn (Hayling Island)

    Carolyn (Hayling Island)

    “To run a Driving Miss Daisy franchise you need to be community spirited. If this business is run well you’ll…

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  • Melanie (Wiltshire)

    Melanie (Wiltshire)

    “Driving Miss Daisy is all about making a difference in the community, taking someone to an appointment, making their day…

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  • Andy (The Wheel Specialist Manchester)

    Andy (The Wheel Specialist Manchester)

    “Business has been fantastic from day one. We took in almost £20k in our first month, which far exceeded my…

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  • Colin (The Wheel Specialist East Kilbride)

    Colin (The Wheel Specialist East Kilbride)

    "I started off my journey running the Edinburgh branch of The Wheel Specialist and I absolutely loved it. After receiving…

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  • Danny (The Wheel Specialist Durham)

    Danny (The Wheel Specialist Durham)

    “We were looking for a long time for a franchise business to invest in. After hours, weeks, months and years…

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  • Mark (The Wheel Specialist Nottingham)

    Mark (The Wheel Specialist Nottingham)

    "I have owned a TWS franchise now for over eight years. Over the years the franchise network has grown substantially…

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  • Willie (The Wheel Specialist Aberdeen)

    Willie (The Wheel Specialist Aberdeen)

    "Having realised a niche in the market for a dedicated alloy wheel refurbishment service in the Grampian area, my first…

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  • Sarah (The Wheel Specialist Fareham)

    Sarah (The Wheel Specialist Fareham)

    "It is essential for me that any company or product I have worked with is at the top of their…

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  • Mike & Jon (The Wheel Specialist Cardiff)

    Mike & Jon (The Wheel Specialist Cardiff)

    "It has been busier than we could have ever anticipated, we are over the moon!.. We found The Wheel Specialist…

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  • Emma Jane Kerr

    Emma Jane Kerr

    I needed a flexible role that would fit around my childcare arrangement and save on the daily commute. I really…

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  • Rachel Griffin

    Rachel Griffin

    The advice I would give someone considering becoming a SmartPA partner I would say if you are willing to work…

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  • Astrid


    I was looking for a way to achieve a better work/life balance. The franchise provided me with the opportunity to work either…

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  • Dean Goodall – Lawnscience

    Dean Goodall – Lawnscience

    I loved the concept right from the start. Gardening had always been a hobby of mine, but it was the…

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  • David Stewart – Lawnscience

    David Stewart – Lawnscience

    I knew that in order to take complete control over my income and working life, I would have to work…

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  • Bob Pullen, Bristol – Lawnscience

    Bob Pullen, Bristol – Lawnscience

    The nice thing with your own business is that you are in control of your success and your future. Working…

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  • Gary Pearce, Stamford – Lawnscience

    Gary Pearce, Stamford – Lawnscience

    Lawn care is something I looked at quite a long time ago, I’ve always wanted to work outside. For over…

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  • John Mayer – TaxAssist Accountants

    John Mayer – TaxAssist Accountants

    If you follow the model, there is enormous potential for growth. Much depends on the attitude, ambition and business acumen…

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  • Paul Chillman – TaxAssist Accountants

    Paul Chillman – TaxAssist Accountants

    There is always ongoing support available from the support centre. The twice-yearly annual training sessions are a great help, but…

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  • Roger Mills – TaxAssist Accountants

    Roger Mills – TaxAssist Accountants

    Being a TaxAssist franchisee gives me a strong sense of professional achievement and dependable financial security.

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  • Brian Alexander – TaxAssist Accountants

    Brian Alexander – TaxAssist Accountants

    Being a TaxAssist franchisee has been an excellent choice for me. I have just completed 10 years and have signed…

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  • Russell Charles – TaxAssist Accountants

    Russell Charles – TaxAssist Accountants

    Having been in practice for 17 years before joining TaxAssist, I only attended two of the training weeks. Both were…

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  • Vince – TaxAssist Accountants

    Vince – TaxAssist Accountants

    The support provided by TaxAssist is second to none! I can’t stress how important it has been to helping me…

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  • Peter Norfolk – TaxAssist Accountants

    Peter Norfolk – TaxAssist Accountants

    My business grows during most months of the year, but there is still a huge potential pool of clients that…

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  • Lloyd Evans – TaxAssist Accountants

    Lloyd Evans – TaxAssist Accountants

    After two years, growth has been steady and good, in line with plan. I have recently taken on two additional…

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  • Alistair Hoy – ChipsAway Cardiff franchisee

    Alistair Hoy – ChipsAway Cardiff franchisee

    Following years of determination and hard work, Ali Hoy now owns his own Car Care centre in central Cardiff, where…

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  • Royal Mail supply chain buyer – Puncturesafe

    Royal Mail supply chain buyer – Puncturesafe

    Royal Mail Group have been investigating tyre sealants for some time now because tyre costs annually are considerable and downtime…

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  • Andrew, Ability Matters – Puncturesafe

    Andrew, Ability Matters – Puncturesafe

    OK, so we’ve all heard about tyre sealants? and there are a lot of them on the market! I have…

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  • Andrew Shipp, Sussex Cars – Puncturesafe

    Andrew Shipp, Sussex Cars – Puncturesafe

    Sussex Cars Ltd have been selling and servicing smart cars for over a decade, supplying nearly 3,000 cars during the…

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  • David Greenaway – ChipsAway

    David Greenaway – ChipsAway

    David Greenaway got off to a flying start, and loves everything that being his own boss brings: Former Training Manager,…

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  • Andy Cornell – ChipsAway

    Andy Cornell – ChipsAway

    Having faced redundancy twice in three years after a seasoned career as a Sales and Marketing Director, in 2011 Andy…

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