Business Consulting Franchise Opportunities
Business consulting franchises are an up and coming market as more businesses choose to outsource their work rather than tie up human resources in-house. No matter what your skill mix, there is a Business consulting franchise out there for you. Our comprehensive franchise list below can help you choose.


The UK and Ireland’s leading strategic cost management franchise, Auditel are offering you the chance to start and operate your own successful business from home. ... Read More

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Open your own Evolvin business consultancy, helping other businesses to grow and prosper with integrated solutions. ... Read More

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YB 12 Coaching

YB 12 is an innovative business and personal development coaching company, looking for passionate professionals to join our team. ... Read More

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Transworld Business Advisors

Transworld Business Advisors has over 30 years of business brokerage and franchise experience, and has assisted thousands of people in the purchase and sale of businesses. ... Read More

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Assisting businesses in attaining ISO Certification is a necessary and well-recognised service, which will improve not only your clients' profitability and prospects, but your own ... Read More

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Fenton Knight

Run your own Fenton Knight consultancy firm, helping businesses in financial difficulty to restructure, to recover or to liquidate their companies. ... Read More

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Business Steps

Business Steps offers you the chance to start your own accountancy and business development consultancy service. With our comprehensive software and lead generation systems to supp... Read More

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Red Flag Alert

Could you sell a service where the product is new everyday and the prospective clients increase every month?... Read More

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Information on Business Consulting Franchise Opportunities
Business consulting franchising may not be the first area that comes to mind when you consider franchising. However this area encompasses many different possibilities, including travel companies, wedding services, estate agencies and much more besides. It should come as no surprise then to learn that a Business consulting franchise business can offer a multitude of possibilities for the eager franchisee. While all the services are generally white collar, they also attract a wide range of people looking to start their own business. One of the main reasons for this is the wide investment range that is available. For example you can easily find a Business consulting franchise for less than £1,000. Alternatively you can look to invest a five figure sum in the Business consulting franchise opportunity of your choice. This is an ever expanding area, owing to the number of services that are present in it. From a law consultancy to a spa and free local magazines to a hog roast business – you can see just how diverse this part of the franchise market actually is.

The key to driving your success with Business consulting franchises is to choose one that appeals to your skills and interests. Some will require more knowledge and investment than others, in both time and skill. However the appeal of many of these businesses makes it clear that you can look forward to a bright future if you decide to own a Business consulting of some kind. There will always be a market for these businesses as many people search for them every day. The vast amount of potential customers makes these businesses among the most economically viable in the entire franchising marketplace. This fact alone should reassure you there are plenty of great opportunities here just waiting to be discovered by you.