Business Opportunities Franchise Opportunities
Business opportunities differ from franchises in that they can often be started up with a minimum investment and there is less input from the parent company. If you like to think for yourself, a business opportunity is probably the best choice for you. A list of business opportunities is listed below.

Golden Curl

Join Golden Curl as a distributor in the UK and sell our hair care accessories and products. You receive an ample start up and support package, along with your own designated busin... Read More

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The Utility Warehouse

Would you like to share in the future success of the Utility Warehouse? This business opportunity will take your career places. Get connected today. ... Read More

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Readymade Businesses on the Road

Run your own on the road business with Readymade Business 4 U. Take a look at just a few examples here, and enquire for more information on our wider range of on the road opportuni... Read More

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Inch Loss Clinic

Effective weight loss * Pain free * Repeat business * This is the most unique and fastest-selling weight loss product available! * You own the equipment * British Medical Associati... Read More

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Crazy Printers

Crazy Printers offers complete 'business in a box' packages at all price ranges. ... Read More

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Information on Business Opportunities Franchise Opportunities
One thing to establish is that business opportunities are not the same as franchises. Many people are under the misapprehension that the only difference is the amount of starting capital required, but this is not so, although business opportunities are typically less expensive than a franchise. This is for a very good reason – when franchising a business, you will sign a franchise agreement, which enters you into a binding partnership with the franchisor. Although this gives you rights such as to expect help and support from them, they also have rights which will involve being able to exact quite stringent controls over how you run the franchise business and also a percentage of your income. This is only fair, as it is their name you are trading under, but it may make you feel a little tied down within your franchise business in UK.

When you take on a business franchise opportunity, things are somewhat different. Although you are buying into the business and can use the name and products, once you have paid your initial fee you are essentially trading alone. This gives you freedom of course to work your own hours and in your own way, but you don’t get anything like the same level of support. Basically, you are buying into a tried and tested market in which you must subsequently make your own way. If you are starting with only a little capital, a business opportunity – assuming you can find one in your skill or interest area – is probably the best for you. If you can start up without taking out a business loan, it is much better as you don’t have to factor in repayments when making out your business opportunity plan. Franchises, whilst more expensive in the main, give more support to someone completely new to business, but for the experienced business person who doesn’t need the help, one or more business franchise opportunities may be the better choice.