Franchise Business Training and Consultancy Ltd

Franchise Business Training and Consultancy has decades of experience providing training and consultancy expertise to the UK franchise industry. The team offers a wide range of services to both franchisors and franchisees nationwide to support them on their business journey.

Our Values

Integrity and professionalism are two of our guiding principles. We create long-lasting connections based on trust and confidence in our ability to provide tailored, results-driven solutions to assist business owners in achieving their long-term goals and individual objectives.

About Us

Karen Brown and Chris Roberts QFP are the owners and operators of the company. Both are seasoned trainers, coaches, and business consultants with a wealth of experience and numerous positive industry reviews for their work. They are known for using straightforward language, relevant examples, and a  sense of humour to make complex concepts simple to understand.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services, such as an online financial awareness quiz, network-wide financial risk analysis programmes, business health checks, and financial and business management training. We have also developed and implemented specialised programmes for Dyno-Rod, Vodafone, and Trend Transformations.

We Believe…

..that you should always keep the end in mind when managing a business. Because of this, many of our programmes are designed to give business owners a “business SatNav” to help them figure out where they are now, where they want to go, and when they want to get there. We can then assist them in mapping out their path to success, making sure they are always aware of what is around the next corner and have enough money to “fuel” their business journey.

The likelihood is that Franchise Business Training and Consultancy will be able to accelerate the development of your business journey, assist you in learning new skills along the way, and enable you to move into the fast lane towards success, whether you are a Franchisee, a Franchisor, or someone new to franchising.

Franchise Services

We speak the language of successful businesses.

People from the biggest and fastest-growing franchise brands have received training and business consulting from us, along with initiatives to guarantee ongoing regulatory compliance.

Our team is in the best position to “anglicise” your training and onboarding programmes for brands entering the UK market.

The company’s primary services, which can be modified to meet the demands of both a network of franchisors and a particular franchisee, are as follows:

  • Business management health checks that cover both financial and non-financial aspects.
  • Business planning can add value to support the initial “onboarding” process or an exit strategy through a sale.
  • Diagnostic analyses of the training and business needs of a franchisee or franchisor.
  • Understanding Business Finance and Accounts training assists franchisors in identifying and managing financial risk and maximising the financial performance of franchisees while also assisting franchisees in measuring, monitoring, and managing their financial performance.
  • Effective client relationship management, coaching, networking, leadership, and personal branding are examples of “soft skills” for effective business management.

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