Brian, Hull Franchisee

Read this article to find out more about our new Hull franchisee Brian!

Brian, could you tell me about your background?

My name is Brian Green and I cover the Hull area for the With Thanks Brand and I have done this for the last 3 years. Before that I worked in the finance industry.

What lead you to franchising?

When I left the finance industry I my own business to run I looked at quite a few in the same industry. This sounded more interesting.

Why did you choose With Thanks?

When I saw the With Thanks advert for the business. It looked right up my street.

How relevant was the training?

Training was very good and going out to see an existing franchisee showing me the ropes was very interesting.

How was the launch?

The launch went very well I had my 300 boxes sited with the help of With Thanks within 1 week and was very pleased with the outcome.

How do you find the back up and support from the franchise team?

I find the back up and support excellent if you have any problems they sort it out quickly and efficiently and are a pleasure to work with.

Where are you in terms of box numbers?

At the moment I have 290 boxes, after 3 years I have found that if you lose a site you are best getting another site the same day.

What are your plans from here?

My plans are to carry on servicing my existing boxes and to branch out to other areas.

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