Caremark Case Study: Colin Evans

CAREMARK FRANCHISE - The leading in-home care franchise opportunity.

Caremark is a well-established white-collar management franchise providing in-home care with a track record of expertise and success in the sector, garnered from almost twenty years in the industry.


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After a successful career in sales, Colin Evans found personal and financial rewards in owning a Caremark home care franchise.

Colin Evans

Before buying his home care franchise, Colin Evans had a long and successful career in sales and sales management.

Once he had achieved his goal of developing a successful financial services business from scratch he was keen for a change and a new challenge, a business venture which would bring both personal and financial rewards.

Colin carried out extensive research into different franchises but decided that Caremark’s business opportunity was the best fit for his requirements.

“Having looked at a number of other franchise opportunities I felt that Caremark’s franchise was the best. Caremark’s approach was supportive and professional and they seemed genuinely interested in my career history, the skills and experience I had to offer and whether I was the business professional they were looking for” said Colin.

He realised that investing in a franchise would give him many advantages to get going more quickly and not have to go through the risky early years of set-up and start-up which a stand-alone business would mean.

He was also interested in achieving a better work/life balance once he had got established.

Colin continued: “Now that the business is established I am able to work on the business rather than in it. This has given me a better work/life balance, which is great as I don’t have to be in the office from dawn until dusk every day. If I wish to take the odd long weekend I can do so, knowing I have a great team in place.

“At the end of the day I am content knowing that I am investing in my family’s future whilst providing a superb care service for our clients and job opportunities for my local community.

“Just knowing that I am achieving all three objectives as well as enjoying a little more leisure time is certainly something to be happy about!”

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