Gabriela Moldovan and Alina Moldovan Success Story

SylvianCare offers you the opportunity to own a profitable and rewarding Domiciliary Care Business and to help fulfil a growing social need within your community.


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Sisters-in-Law, Gabriela and Alina Moldovan explain why they decided to become SylvianCare Franchisees.

Why we chose SylvianCare

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“Both Alina and myself have a background in Health and Social Care, as well as previous management experience. When it came to deciding to start a business, we wanted one which would not only provide us with the income levels that we sought, but also one where, due to our previous work experience, we could give something back to our local community.

The provision of a domiciliary care service and earning potential of SylvianCare’s franchise model fulfilled both those criteria. As Sisters in Law we were also attracted by the fact that our Franchisor was also a family owned business run by a Brother and Sister team. As our Franchisor, both Silviu and Cristina have been invaluable sources of knowledge and support to call upon whenever we needed help and advice.

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“The training that we have received has been excellent. Whilst we both had previous care knowledge we had no experience of setting up a business, marketing for clients or the dedicated operating systems involved. SylvianCare have supported us in all of the above and have always been there when we needed guidance.”

“Running a domiciliary care business is not a walk in the park. There are daily challenges that you need to deal with but we can always rely on a franchisor that has undoubtedly faced those same challenges, for advice. “

“We look forward to having a long lasting relationship with SylvianCare and to adding additional territory to our existing location as our business grows”

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