"If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Trust me… That is not the case with Cleaning Doctor."

Homes and businesses cleaned and restored to pristine condition!

Cleaning Doctor

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Tommy Conlon explains why he is delighted with his Cleaning Doctor partnership.

Cleaning Doctor Franchise

With Cleaning Doctor, every angle is covered for making your business super successful and looking super professional. It’s also thought through on a health and safety perspective. To my wife and I it seemed like a no brainer which it has turned out to be.

The training was simplistic and hands on, which to me is the best way to learn anything. From the word go you are advised what to look out for regarding safety, or anything that may cause problems or even just slow down the task you’re faced with.

The business got off to a flying start with the Cleaning Doctor social media skill set by the experienced head office team. With family and friends supporting me, I was answering the phone during training. Word of mouth had also kicked in.

Waiting to get going may seem like an excruciating pain, but once you’re awarded the franchise don’t hesitate, tell everyone that you can, and the word will immediately spread. Once up and running, the word of mouth works wonders again with referrals from customers to their friends and family. Every job I done was viewed with amazement, with the neighbours then too immediately seeing the amazing results.

I’m operating over 6 months now and even through the winter I have not stopped. I confirm this is not a seasonal business. People have got to know that Cleaning Doctor offer an exceptional ‘five star’ quality of service. Word gets around fast when you take pride in all you do. The experienced head office team are always there when you need them be it from a technical perspective, equipment, products or just general advice viewpoint. If they don’t know which is very rare indeed they will know someone who does. The backup’s brilliant.

My advice to anyone thinking of starting up a Cleaning Doctor Option C External Cleaning and Maintenance franchise would be to think seriously about it. I know as humans we are advised if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is, but that is not the case where Cleaning Doctor is concerned.

Tommy Conlon, Cleaning Doctor External Cleaning and Maintenance Services (County Antrim, Northern Ireland)

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