Jonathan Stanley, Owner of HITZone Chesham

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Stanley and I’m 61 years old.

HITZone Franchise

Since the mid-90s I’ve worked in personal and leadership development, and performance consulting to large companies. Before that I did all kinds of things; my degree was in law, I worked as a music DJ, I worked in the film business in New York, and I worked for what used to be called the Commission of Racial Equality.

A couple of years ago I decided to wind down the consulting business. I had no plans to start anything new – I had no plans at all really!

A very old friend started telling me about HITZone, and how he was interested in it as a business opportunity. I have to say I had no interest at all! But he invited me to lunch with the owner and founder of HITZone, and I started to get interested. I took a look at the numbers, and got more interested… Then I visited a couple of studios, tried a workout myself, spoke to some of the studio owners and members… and I was very interested!

Seven months after that first meeting, my first HITZone studio is open in Chesham, and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve worked harder, been more challenged, and had more fun at work than I can ever remember… except maybe when I was 18, two weeks out of school, and getting paid to go to nightclubs!

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