Joycelyn and Stirling Hall (HITZone Owners, Banbridge)

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Hi, my name is Joycelyn!

HITZONE Franchise

One day I got up and thought I need to regain my life. I need to be fitter for my family. So, I went to the gym late at night with my brother, just doing cardio machines. Then when my confidence grew a little, I would go to the gym in the mornings with my friends. Within a year I was attending a boot camp that my husband took, and exercise became part of my life!

However, I was still very intimidated by gyms. I hated the mirrors and found the cliquey gym bunnies very off putting. When my brother told me about HITZone, and how it was a small group training session that used low impact machines and had no mirrors or egos I thought wow! This sounds just like me in a nutshell, and I instantly wanted to be involved.

My husband and I are first time business owners – so no previous experience at all with the business side of things! But we were eager to help other people like myself feel confident and happy whilst getting fit, and we wanted them to have fun!

We have done a lot of learning on the job and fortunately there has been a lot of guidance from HITZone head office and the other HITZone studio owners. It very much has a family feel to it which we love.

We have lots of AMAZING members, but I have to say that one member in particular stands out. He makes me so overwhelmingly happy. He has transverse myelitis and some days is wheelchair bound, but he comes into the studio with a big smile on his face laughing and joking and he gets his session done without as much as a complaint. He is an absolute champ and I feel so privileged to have him in our family.

Our HITZone studio will be 3 at the end of January next year and there is are so many highlights and happy memories – it really is heart-warming to wake up every day and feel like you have a purpose!

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