I had been involved in vending machines since 1996.

Circumstances had changed, and I had to reduce what I did.
In March 2016 I decided to get back in the game. I had seen the advertisements for Tubz, so I gave them a call. I went down and met Jonathan. He showed me around and explained what products were available. I went away to make my mind up and rang a few days later. I initially started with 50 machines. I then added more and in fact have bought some rounds off others.

It can be very rewarding. Not just financially rewarding but it gets you out and about. Plus, you meet some interesting people. I have places that where I end up having a little chat. My advice is don’t expect to be up and running, and every site will be a goldmine. Firstly, it takes time for people to notice your machine is there. Change your product lines if you have slow movement. It is not always that the product is no good full stop. People in different areas like different product.

I went for sweets and Pringles straight away. Why go for one machine if you can have 2. I currently have one site with 5 machines in it. Final piece of advice. If a site is consistently not working, take the machine out. Firstly, you don’t visit so often and then in the long run it costs you money with wasted stock.

Tubz are a very professional company to work with. And that is the key work with them. It is mutually beneficial.

Good luck if you take up the venture!

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