My Experience So Far: Gillian Waidson

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SmartPA Partner, Gillian Waidson shares her experience so far. Discover what she says below:

I’d been thinking about how great it would be to be my own boss for 10 years before I took the plunge. I was motivated by a combination of redundancy, it’s now or never and l want a great pension. My work experience before I became a SmartPA was PA, HR, Office Manager and secretarial positions.

I’d been made redundant three times from different organisations and wanted to have my own business; to know where I was going and I was sure the business would continue to grow if I was running it, even if another recession hit.

My father has always been a big advocate of business partnerships. He owned his own businesses and has been encouraging my husband to invest in a business partnership for several years. It shocked him when I invested in SmartPA, but he’s very proud and happy for me. He thinks it’s a great fit for my skills and experience.

SmartPA – it’s me, it’s what I want to do. I’m confident that I’m good at what I do and that I provide a good service. Being a SmartPA Partner has changed my attitude to work, my husband says I’m happier and more relaxed. I think not being tied to a desk 9-5pm, Monday to Friday has made the biggest positive impact for me.

I launched in January 2016; within a month I’d had my promised client from Head Office, gained a client independently and had some project work from HQ, too. In May 2016 I invoiced out for £800 and I’m likely to sign a new client next week. I’m having the best time, working and living as a SmartPA Partner.

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