My TAB Franchise Story: Mark Kane, Manchester South

The Alternative Board (TAB) is the world’s largest peer-to-peer support and business coaching franchise. For 30 years, business professionals who have taken on the TAB franchise opportunity have improved the lives of business owners worldwide.

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“I have always wanted to work for myself and the idea of being in control of my own destiny and schedule was a big draw. It was also important for me to find a role that suited the lifestyle I wanted i.e. less commuting , less office-based, and more suited to my family and I saw that YAB franchise could deliver that.”

TAB Success Story Image

TAB Success Story Image

How long have you owned your franchise?

8 months (but launched in June 2020, 2 months after signing)

How did you discover franchising?

I have always been aware of franchising but as I always had an idea that I would one day run my own business I did keep an eye out on the BFA website every now and then to do some research on poten- tial franchises.

What was your job / career immediately before buying your TAB franchise?

I had worked for one of the UKs biggest and best Investment Management companies where I had been the operational lead for a new online portfolio management offering, I was responsible for a number of different operational teams and was also responsible for a multi-billion pound ISA plan managership.

Why did you choose TAB over other franchises that are available?

For me TAB stood out in a number of different ways; the service that is provided to TAB members greatly appealed to me and I saw a huge amount of value in that, there is poten- tial to scale the business, the TAB community as well as the support and training from HQ were and are all really positive points. I did say at the start of my TAB due diligence that if it didn’t work out for me with my TAB territory that I would still look to join a TAB board as a business owner.

TAB Success Story Image

How have you found the training and support you received from your franchisor?

It is very good, there is a lot to learn and take in at the start but the support from the HQ team and also other TAB franchisees has been excellent and we have the ability to join any future training session for a refresher if we want.

What challenges have you faced while getting to know / running your TAB business?

Training, launching and building the business during the Covid 19 pandemic has been a challenge but the TAB model lends itself very easily to an online/virtual format.

What ‘highs’ have you experienced in owning your TAB business?

Launching two boards within my first two months was amazing and beyond my expecta- tions but receiving really positive feedback from members about how valuable their TAB experience has been particularly pleasing.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to get to three boards and to start to look for a partner to come into the business to help with growth by taking on their own boards.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of buying a franchise?

Research, do your due diligence Talk to several current franchisees. See if you can experience the franchise as a customer/service user

TAB Success Story Image

Launching a TAB Franchise during the pandemic…how robust has the TAB model been?

It’s been extremely robust, the model translates very easily to an online format. I have held all my board meetings online so far and whilst we all look forward to having them in person we have still been able to deliver real value to members.

What can you say about the support from tab head office and the wider community during this time?

Great support received, there’s always someone you can contact no matter what the issue, and everyone is open and willing to help.

What difference do you think you have made to your members?

Feedback received so far has been really positive and encouraging, the relationships built up in a relatively short period of time has been great and being contacted by a member because they need to discuss a particular issue or simply want to share good news is a very privileged and pleasing position to be in.

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