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Enthusiasm and a passion for education are the key qualities that sisters Sarah, 26, and Holly Bell, 28, bring to their enormously successful MagiKats Workshops in Hove.


Enthusiasm and a passion for education are the key qualities that sisters Sarah, 26, and Holly Bell, 28, bring to their enormously successful MagiKats workshops in Hove.

Having studied Education at university, Sarah wanted to work in education but wanted more than just a standard teaching role. “I wanted to be in control of my own success while still working within an industry I love,“ said Sarah.

As for Holly, “I wanted a break from intensive teaching and wanted more freedom and more control over my working week.”

Sarah’s previous experience working for MagiKats helped her understand how the business worked and, combined with Holly’s experience as a teacher, they knew they could make a success of it.

“I would recommend MagiKats as a franchise to anyone who loves seeing children succeed,” says Sarah. “And it works for anyone – whether they have experience in education or come from a totally different background.

MagiKats provides all the teaching materials, all the training and even offers personal marketing support if required. All a franchisee needs is enthusiasm, commitment and energy – setting up a new business is definitely hard work.

“With great emphasis on the individual student, different learning styles and always responding to the needs of the National Curriculum, MagiKats is not just an attractive business proposition, it is attractive to parents who want to ensure their children get the best education they can.”

“As for the children,” says Holly, “MagiKats is fun, colourful and attractive and has plenty of hands-on resources and activities to support them. They love it!”

In the beginning it was a lot of hard work agree the sisters, particularly as they both had other roles in the early stages to support their income. MagiKats provides a lot of support for new franchisees but it is still up to the individual to actually get things done – and there is plenty to do… finding venues for the workshops, hand delivering information leaflets, attending events to promote your business, speaking with parents.

So, what are the top-tips from Sarah and Holly for anyone interested in a MagiKats franchise?

Sarah says, “Get to know your business and understand what parents want – if parents trust you then your business will benefit from word of mouth recommendations, the best marketing you can get.”

Holly says, “You will need passion and commitment as your enthusiasm for education must reach every child, in every workshop you manage.”

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MagiKats Tuition Centres offer out-of-school maths and English tuition for all levels from pre-school to GCSE. Written specifically for the UK market by British educators, the programme supports the National Curriculum and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. It has also been adapted for overseas markets, including the Middle East and Australia.
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