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A Maplebrook Wills franchisee discusses their success with the will writing business.

Having been employed and facing redundancy I started looking at franchising as a way of being in control of my career and income.

After a few months and having explored every type of business model, I eventually chose Maplebrook Wills. A consideration was my age, wanting a business I could scale up and down depending on my personal life and in later life the ability to have a passive income and the chance to keep my hand in a couple of days a week if I wanted. With low overheads being home based and a knowledge- based business rather than product I felt the opportunity fitted me better than cleaning ovens, or being a marketing expert!

I found the training and ongoing support to be excellent and the software we use to run the practice is really simple. EDGE manages my leads, legal document creation, appointment setting and invoicing all in one. I can produce a Will in around 15 minutes and I still get a buzz knowing that in that time I am helping my client and earning around £300.00 minimum.

I was surprised how simple it has been to build larger case values with Lasting Power of Attorneys and Funeral plans and it is not uncommon that a simple Will enquiry will turn into a case size of £1000 plus.

Since I joined, Maplebrook has added leads supply which has been fantastic for me as I can buy leads knowing that on average 3 or 4 out of 10 leads will turn into fees and I am getting quite good at gaining referrals from those which are free!

The other new thing is I can now offer finance to my clients. Pretty much every client I meet can benefit from detailed estate planning but not everyone can afford Trusts and Power of Attorneys. I can now offer to finance this over a number of years so that the planning can be put in place and is often saving the clients hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I run my own diary and try and see three clients per day and I love the fact that when I book an appointment, I know that I will take a fee.

With Covid 19 I am doing most of my first meetings on – line vis Zoom and carry out a socially distanced meeting to have the documents signed. I have found the daily surgeries for advice invaluable and I regularly attend the weekly training webinars.

The control I now have over my daily routine, diary, and income through my Maplebrook business is amazing. When I look back at my life on the employed treadmill my only regret is that I did not do this ten years ago. I am on target to smash my first year’s earnings target mainly due to the leads I receive, but more than that thoroughly enjoy my day to day life.

P.K. – Network Member 2020

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