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Before joining ChipsAway, Tan worked night shifts as an engineer whilst his wife worked in the day, but when we had our first child it changed his priorities. He needed something that would allow him to spend time with his family, and discovered ChipsAway.

ChipsAway Franchise

“If you want to start working for yourself, it’s paramount to have a strong supporting network who have loads of experience and expertise in that area. ChipsAway provides excellent support, not only from head office staff but from other franchisees who have walked the same road as you. The marketing support is also fantastic. You get all the help you need so that you can feel confident, instead of the vulnerability and fear which comes with starting a business alone.”

“If you attend the ChipsAway open day, you will have the opportunity to meet the dedicated support team as well as existing franchisees. You will also get a taster of what you would be doing on a day-to-day basis by meeting technical team, who provide an initial 4 weeks of training when you first join the network, and then an additional advanced course 3 months later.

“I have received all the training I need to run a franchise, from doing the repairs to the administration side of things. I am very grateful for all the help I received from my business mentor, neighbouring franchisees and support staff.”

We asked Tan how his life has improved since joining ChipsAway. “I am now able to spend quality time with my wife and kids, whereas working nights, I was hardly ever able to. I am also much healthier now than before – I’ve lost a lot of weight which I have previously struggled to get off. I also love getting to meet new people every day, from all walks of life, different attitudes and perspectives. Overall, I’m much happier. My two boys are so proud of me and my eldest son is promoting ChipsAway to his friends and teachers!”

Tan has been very busy right from the word go. And now that he is building up his repeat and referral business, demand for his service is increasing even more.

“I am truly grateful that I have work every day – I never have a shortage of jobs. I do either one big job, 2 medium jobs or sometimes 3 small jobs. I would advise new franchisees to take the utmost care over every job, because recommendations and referrals will always be your best advertisement.”

In September 2018, Tan was thrilled to win ChipsAway’s Customer Service of the Year Award. “My goal for the future is to do the very best at each and every job I do. I will continue to work hard and hopefully this means I’ll be able to expand into employing staff. Overall, there’s absolutely nothing I would do differently and I have no regrets!”

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