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“I wanted the extra support but also to keep autonomy of my working life which was why I ended up going with Mac Tools.”

Germaine Ash

Germaine Ash became a Mac Tools franchisee in March of 2015. Based in Redditch – Worcestershire, Germaine comes from a background of engineering and design and also holds a degree in Industrial Design. After a run of previous jobs she didn’t enjoy and starting her own business, Germaine made the decision to become a franchisee. Since then, Mac Tools has provided Germaine with the flexibility to fit her work in and around her personal life and the extra support and training which she wouldn’t have received in starting her own business.

“Before starting with Mac Tools I’d previously worked as a design engineer, with gaming & quiz machines. I then decided to start my own business and found it really tricky! I found Mac Tools while looking for an alternative career path and they just seemed to tick all the boxes. I wanted the extra support but also to keep autonomy of my working life which was why I ended up going with Mac Tools.”

“The flexibility and generous living that the Mac Tools business provides was a big part of the appeal for me. Being able to fully fit my work around child care needs and even allowing me to take my dog with me in the van is a massive help! However, sometimes I do need to put in extra hours if a customer needs my help. I’ts not all 9-5 but it’s definitely more flexible than employment.”

“Although Mac Tools offered me training and support in their business model, I knew a lot about the business side of things from running my own business previously although this is not a requirement when joining Mac Tools.. I also had a good knowledge of tools and what’s involved with this area of work from past experience.”

Mac Tools were founded in 1938 over in the USA, and expanded to the UK in 1990 and now have more than 150 franchises in the UK. Mac Tools became part of the world’s largest tools manufacturer Stanley Black and Decker in 1980, who provide industrial tools and security products all around the world. They have a net worth of around $14.07 billion.

Mac Tools franchisees are distributors of what are generally considered as the best quality tools on the market and provide these tools to a variety of businesses and individuals.

“The idea of working with the most trusted tool manufacturer in the world was a big plus to me. I’m familiar with the products they provide and that they have around 150 franchises in operation around the UK alone so they know what they are doing.”

“It took a while before I came round to purchasing the Mac Tools franchise as I first had to sort out initial arrangements and I wanted to make sure this as a whole was right for me. The main worry for me when first purchasing the franchise was cost, as it can be a significant investment. I then discovered that Mac Tools provides a finance package to help with that.

“This is a great perk, as not many other franchises provide that kind of service.”

“The franchise package they provide you with in the end is more than worth the initial cost. Mac Tools provides ongoing training and allows you to operate under their brand which is great for reputability and support from a marketing perspective such as free of charge promotional materials and access to exclusive brand recognition deals.”

With the business now going very well, Germaine is positive for the future.

“I really love what I do now, I’m incredibly happy that I decided to purchase the Mac Tools franchise. I’ve been living very comfortably since doing so. I love the social aspect of my job, being able to go out and talk to a wide variety of people is great and adds another layer of enjoyment to my work.

”My plan for the future is to carry on with Mac Tools for maybe another 10 years or so up to retirement, and then kick back to goat farming!”

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