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When you make the decision to leave an established career and build a better life for your family, franchising could be the answer to the question of how to start again.

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Have you ever wondered what you could do, if you were to leave your established career? There are many reasons why you might want to change. This could be, from leaving behind city-living to raise a family, to wanting to gain a sense of control over your future. For two of our newest franchisees, Johana Cadena and Vishal Ballee, they realised a dns accountants franchise would allow them the foundation to start again, when they decided to move out of London.

Having chosen to raise their young family in Leicester, they left behind well-established careers in finance and management. The careers they’d enjoyed meant Johana and Vishal knew what it would take to succeed, and their new goal became finding a way to utilise their experience and skills, for themselves. They recognised they’d need a really special business opportunity to create the future, and work-life balance they wanted. “When working for large corporations,” Vishal says, “it can be incredibly rewarding. However, working for someone else gives little flexibility. We were working all the time, and didn’t always see the full rewards. I believe when someone is driven and passionate, there comes a time when they’ll need to try something else – something for themselves. This is why Johana and I decided to open our own DNS franchise.”

The dns accountants franchise empowers people, like Vishal and Johana, to confidently make the leap from corporate life to self-employment. One of the ways they do this, is by giving their franchise partners all the support they’ll ever need, to make the most of your professional strengths, and build a new scalable business. “What most attracted us, to dns accountants, was the knowledge we could apply all our skills, experience and hard-work into our own business. At the same time, we could see we would be able to build it in such a way to suit us, with the guidance of Head Office. They have a massive outsourcing team to whom we can send work for our clients, which will really help us as we start to build-up our client-base.”

Vishal and Joanna looked at a number of accounting franchises before settling with dns accountants. Whilst initially, Vishal was keen on joining the brand, Johana wanted to learn more, before making a commitment. “I was more cautious at first, “ she explains. “I wanted to make sure we were making the right move, especially as we had made a big life change fairly recently. As we conducted our due diligence, and spent time speaking with the people behind the brand at dns accountants, I soon felt a sense of peace about the investment we were about to make into our future as a family. We genuinely share a vision of what it means to grow a business, so I believe this is a great opportunity for us.”

Johana and Vishal’s skills complement each other perfectly: Johana excels at admin, bookkeeping, and planning, and Vishal specialises in sales and customer relations. Together, they’re going to make a dynamic team, as they begin to establish themselves as dns accountants Leicester, over the coming months, and years. “We needed to make this kind of change in our lives,” Vishal continues. “Going into business for yourself is never without risks; but without risk, there is no reward! dns accountants has given us the confidence to make such an important move, by tapping into the power of their established brand, and using their expertise for ourselves.”

By supporting franchisees with a dedicated sales and marketing team, dns accountants is helping to minimise the risk of starting your own business, whilst maximising your potential. With guaranteed client leads from day one, they will ensure franchise partners have everything they need to succeed from word go.

If you’re thinking about changing how you work, contact dns accountants today. See how we can support you with a foundation to success.

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