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People have different reasons behind why they want to be their own boss. One of DNS Accountants’ newest franchisees, Ather Arshad, wanted to establish his own working schedule and build a better future.

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There are a number of reasons why you might be considering working for yourself. There are financial reasons, of course, and there is the incredible satisfaction which comes from building your own profitable business. However, there is also the independence, flexibility and sense of control which your own business can give you.

For Ather Arshad, it was the opportunity to set his own hours and finally reap all the benefits of his hard work which first attracted him to franchising with dns accountants. Before moving into self-employment, Ather had worked in several high-level accountancy roles, both in the UK and in Dubai. Whilst his career as a corporate finance manager was successful, a number of factors made him feel like he needed to make a change. With a young and growing family, Ather wanted to find a way to grow and fulfil his potential, whilst enjoying time with the most important people in his life.

Ather has successfully opened dns accountants Southend, in August 2021. “After so many years working for others, I was ready to work for myself,” Ather explains. “When you work for other people, you feel like you’re working for nothing. You receive your monthly pay-cheque, but in the long-run you don’t have anything to show for it. The other reason I wanted to run my own business was so I could have a flexible life-plan, and spend more time with my family, with a better work-life balance. My work stress at the time was difficult, so I felt it was the right time for me.”

Coming across the dns accountant franchise, Ather recognised he could use his previous experience to work for himself, and gain everything he’d hoped to achieve for his family and future. “For many years, I had planned to start my own business,” Ather continues. “But, it’s difficult to just start from zero, especially with the family commitments I have. I liked the opportunity dns accountants presented, as they already have a full system in place, which I could invest into.”

With our expert support, and the ability to immediately start trading under our established brand, Ather was able to make the leap into self-employment, and live the life he’s always planned to live. The dns accountants cloud-based software, and package of pre-qualified leads meant he was able to hit the ground running, by earning a return on his investment right from day one. “The unique thing about dns accountants, which I felt really set them apart from other franchisors, is their flexibility. They offer flexible payment terms, a flexible approach to training, and have a host of tools in place to help a new start-up. None of which I would have had access to, had I tried to start-up alone.”

In many ways, Ather couldn’t have chosen a better time to join dns accountants, not just for his personal reasons, but for the market too. High-quality accountancy is a service which will never go out of demand. As the economy bounces back from the pandemic, hard-working and driven individuals like Ather, who partner with dns accountants, will find themselves in a fantastic position to capitalise on this growth. dns accountants franchise partners deliver SME owners the financial support they need, as they recover and grow. As you do so, you’ll also benefit from the support of dns accountants towards your own business growth. This includes having access to an unbeatable range of services, and trusted outsourcing opportunities designed to benefit your clients.

Ather has big plans for the future of his business. “Things are going well, and I’ll soon be ready to take on a second, neighbouring territory before the end of this year,” he says. “I’m also planning on employing extra staff to carry out the accountancy work, so I can take on a more consultancy role.”

With another child on the way, and two territories to manage, Ather will be one very busy man – but one who is working towards a better future for himself and his family. With our support behind him, we are confident Ather will rise to the challenge, superbly.

Is it time for you to make a change? With the DNS Accountants franchise, there is no need to wait!

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