The 30 Minute Hit® is a specialised Boxing and Kickboxing circuit exercise for ladies that promises incredible results in just 30 minutes. This one-of-a-kind, high-quality exercise is ideal for people of all fitness levels since it is fast-paced, difficult, and uplifting.

With its 2004 inception, 30 Minute Hit has set the stage for the expansion of the brand to 80+ sites across Canada, the United States, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Belfast, Northern Ireland, and beyond. 30 Minute Hit is eager to keep expanding internationally in 2022 and beyond.


By using 30 Minute Hit’s highly systematised and well-developed approach to training, we are able to certify all new Franchisees through our UniversHITy Training Centre, making it easier to teach the specialised skills needed to educate the circuit in a short amount of time. In order to assist Franchisees in quickly and effectively filling open positions with qualified candidates, 30 Minute Hit® has published a comprehensive and very effective Training Handbook. The Vancouver location is optional for the training.

Remember to offer all of the training programmes that will be useful to your franchisees in attracting new ones. Franchisees need to know the specifics of the training they may expect, such as how long it will take, where it will take place (in a classroom, online, or with an outside trainer), and what format it will take. A potential franchisee will want to know if they will receive training not just in the basics of the business but also in other areas, such as management and marketing.

What Can I Expect?

The franchisee’s management style will determine this. Some business owners want to be hands-on with customer-facing training, while others prefer to stay behind the scenes and provide administrative and operational assistance. Making sure 30 Minute Hit members have a good time is the number one priority. How lovely the space is, how well-trained the employees are, etc.

Franchisees need to be actively involved in their businesses, knowledgeable about any changes or updates made to the franchise, and able to share this knowledge with their training staff by attending bi-weekly owners’ training sessions. It’s up to them if they choose to be a trainer, but they should always be ready to back up their squad.

Here’s your chance to give potential franchisees a glimpse of a typical day. Don’t go into minute detail about everything they perform, but do provide an overview of the main functions they provide. You’ll be doing things like cold calling, direct marketing, and attending networking events to meet new people in this role, among other things.

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