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Home is a place where people feel safe and secure. Home is familiar. The home is a refuge where a person’s memories spill out from their mind and cover the walls with pictures, cover the shelves with books and ornaments and cover the dining table with those marks and patterns that each tell a story of their own.
Home is that favourite chair that creaks a bit with one button missing from the back. Home is the front door that’s a bit stiff and you have to gently pull the handle backwards to make it open.

At Acacia homecare, we believe that your home can be an important part of the care process. While it may be true that some situations require a person to spend time in long-term supervised care, the majority of people requiring assistance and care would benefit far more from being enabled to continue life in their own home.

A new lease of life

Our vision is simple: we just want to be there to help you do the things that you want to do.
Acacia Homecare aims to become the standard to which care is measured. Our mission is to grow responsibly and to become the best provider of care to the private sector by offering high quality care from a mature, well trained, experienced and happy team. We aim to be the market leader in recruitment, pay and staff development to ensure that the team can provide the level of care we would want for our own families.

Our Recruitment Process

Acacia Homecare adopts a thorough process to recruit franchise owners. Although this is thorough, it needn’t be complicated, in fact, we like to keep things simple.
We will conduct several different meetings for each stage of the process and at each time we will both agree whether we would like to move ahead to the next stage.

The discussions and meetings aim to help our understanding of you and in turn, your understanding of how the Acacia Homecare model works. This will enable you to conduct your own market research and understand the results to assist your decision-making process. We also advise that you talk to a number of our existing franchise owners and industry experts as reference points. We would be happy to assist you also with this process.

From the meetings and market research, you will also need to consider your financial position. We have excellent relationships with major high-street banks whose franchise departments subsequently offer extremely competitive rates and financial support. We can support with these discussions by supplying and helping you with the relevant documentation to prepare for your meeting.

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