We are an established IT company that offers SMEs and large corporates a complete managed IT service.

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Who Are A&0 IT?

We are an established IT company that offers SMEs and large corporates a complete Managed IT Service, specially tailor-made to their detailed specification. They can then concentrate on growing their business while we take care of all their IT needs.

We bring SMEs the benefit of a budgeted Managed IT Service plan that will protect them from unexpected maintenance costs. With professional, reliable and proactive IT maintenance they can avoid the threat of costly business downtime from unexpected IT failure.

The full peace of mind we offer comes from having professional Remote Monitoring, Remote Fix, and Remote Maintenance all supported by Fast Response local, Highly Skilled, Experienced Engineers.

In addition, you can include help with Vendor Management, Remote Data Backup and Recovery. The Managed IT Service plan you offer can be extended to include Networking, IP Telephony, Cyber Security, Cloud Services and even Managed Print Services, or just that extra help when they really need it.

Our Goals:

Our aim is to tailor our service exactly to the customer’s requirements whatever the technology or geography we are asked to support.

We Need You To Help Us Deliver Our Service Locally

From our offices in the UK we already have a proven track record of delivering Service to over NINETY countries across the world, sourcing the right skills and developing cost efficient services for large multi-national clients with mission and project critical requirements. We are now seeking talented individuals in the UK to develop our domestic market.

As part of our team you will be responsible for delivering a tailored IT plan for a fixed price to small businesses in your area. Offering bespoke solutions for a fixed price is ideal for those businesses who do not want to spend time on IT but still want to feel assured that they have a modern, complete and secure solution.

For a fixed monthly fee you will provide them with the equipment, IT operations and support – all on a single consolidated invoice – which will give them a clear overview of the costs and enable them to budget their IT spend effectively.

Simply put, you will be offering a solution where your customers avoid the hassles of driving IT operations and at the same time gain more stability whilst future proofing their IT environment.

You and AO will be their trusted partner and help them to develop their IT environment continually so that they are never left behind.

The Market Potential

“Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all privatesector businesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% were SMEs.

Total employment in SMEs was 15.7 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK.The combined annual turnover of SMEs was £1.8 trillion, 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK”*, so this market has HUGE potential.

Add to this the fact that: “There were a record 5.5 million private sector businesses at the start of 2016. This is an increase of 97,000 since 2015 and 2.0 million more since 2000. The number of employing businesses increased by 14,000 and the number of sole trader/self-employed businesses by 84,000, with the annual growth for both groups being around +3%.”* So you can see your service will be in potentially high demand.

*These figures were obtained from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills by the Federation of Small Businesses.

The Need For Managed IT Services

SMEs cannot always afford to spend the time to research the ongoing evolution of technology, but they also cannot afford to fall behind on the aspects of technology that will keep their businesses running efficiently.

As the IT industry has evolved beyond the ‘break-and-fix’ model of past years into an outsourced model that ensures that SMEs have all the solutions, software and support that they need to remain relevant and efficient the demand for managed IT services is now exceeding the industry’s ability to meet the demand, and this is where you and AO come in.

The current IT support industry is mainly made up of small-time technicians who don’t have the tools, the support, or the business infrastructure necessary to offer the correct level of customer service that the 21st century business owner needs and expects.

The A&O Franchise Opportunity

A&O IT is creating a model which will become the “go-to IT team” for SMEs in the UK. We are able to offer fast turnaround to IT issues; but, more importantly, we also act as an IT advisor to our customers. We can monitor their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate potential downtime. We also analyse their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that can help them grow. We will not just be the team that SMEs call when something stops working; we aim to be their business partners providing insight, guidance and access to new technologies that can help make them more efficient, more profitable and more secure.

Support & Training

We will support you every step of the way with advertising & marketing support in your local area and provide all your leaflets, flyers & stationery free of charge!

What Do I Need To Invest?

Licence Fee, Training Fee, Launch Promotion = £5K

PLUS your time and commitment – other factors will be determined by size of enterprise and location.

Successful applicants will be rewarded with an exclusive territory based on postcode areas.

So if you feel you have the drive and talent – get in touch!

Who Is Ideal For Us?

We are now seeking talented, self motivated individuals who may already be IT support professionals or simply ‘Tech Savvy’ to develop our domestic market in the UK. You can run the opportunity as a one-man-band and be totally hands on or you can choose to employ a team that you manage.

Territories & Locations

We currently have many opportunities across the country, snap up your area today. Complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.


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