Bigfoot Arts Education is the UK’s leading drama workshop provider within mainstream primary schools. With nearly 20 years of experience behind us, we are now looking to recruit 7 regional franchisees.

Bigfoot Arts Education

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About us

In January 2000, Bigfoot started out with a vision to help transform education in mainstream schools through a creative approach to learning. Today we are the UK’s largest independent arts education company, delivering high quality creative learning experiences to thousands of school children across the UK every week.

Be part of the best quality arts education providers in the country

Delivering creative education that is fun, engaging and inspiring is a serious business for Bigfoot, as we believe using creativity in the right way can positively impact on a child’s development. Bigfoot pioneered a training programme to ensure that the highest possible standards are met. We equip talented artists and performers with the knowledge, skills and support to become amazing arts facilitators who can deliver the best creative workshops into the classroom and beyond. These experts are fondly referred to as ‘Bigfooters’ and we believe they are the best of the best!

What do we deliver?

Schools fund Bigfoot to deliver our wide range of specially designed workshops and courses that enable children to actively participate and understand learning in a fun and creative way. These workshops have been carefully created to support specific areas of the national curriculum, such as Literacy & PSHE, and they are in constant demand across the country.

The workshops can cater for a single class, range of classes or an entire school and they can take place over one day, a school term or an entire academic year, providing you with regular long-term income.

We are constantly developing new projects each year and we also provide workshops in secondary schools, but predominantly our work is in the primary school sector.

Bigfoot Arts Education regional franchise opportunity

We are looking for candidates who are seeking a business opportunity that will take them on an exciting journey for many years to come. We are not looking to grow hundreds of smaller franchises, but require only seven amazing candidates to operate a regional franchise in the following areas:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • North West
  • Yorkshire & Humberside
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • The East

Who are we looking for?

Running a Bigfoot franchise business says that you are someone who wants to contribute to making positive change within education. You believe in the power of creativity and how it can help transform children’s learning and over-all personal development. You believe that you have something more valuable to offer society and NOW IS THE TIME where you want to be part of something special that connects your beliefs and ideals to your working life.

We are looking to recruit franchisees (known to schools as regional directors) that share our vision for excellence and innovation in the field of arts education and can commit to a full time working position in order to grow the business successfully.

We would prefer candidates who have experience teaching, facilitating or managing creative projects within the education sector, but are also willing to extend interest to those that can demonstrate an understanding of our industry and possess the qualities and abilities to successfully grow the business within their territory.

Bigfoot offers full training and support in developing your franchise business and we can promise an inspiring and challenging job that will reward you personally, professionally and financially.

“When a school contacts you to tell you how great our work has been and how the kids have learned and experienced some great workshops or a Bigfooter calls you to say that they’ve had the most excellent day in a school, it is instantly rewarding and gratifying to know this is because of what I do. There aren’t many jobs where you feel that way on an almost daily basis.” – Rachel Adamson, North East Regional Director (Franchisee)

The franchise package

Our franchise opportunity extends across an entire region, allowing your business to grow organically and flourish over time.

The franchise investment is between £25,000-£30,000, depending on the region and you should easily get your investment back within year 1 and be in profit. We expect the remaining territories to be reaching £200k turnover, by year 3, with an average net profit margin of 40%.

“Seeing the company grow financially has been hugely rewarding, with an increase in turnover by year 2 of 50%, then by the third year 100% and the fourth year it had risen by nearly 140%!” – Rachel Adamson, North East Regional Director (Franchisee)

Financial support

We are in a position to offer candidates interest free or low interest loans repayable over one or three years.

If a Bigfoot Arts Education sounds like an ideal franchise opportunity for you, simply click the button below to get in touch!

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