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Tidy Green Clean has been franchising for 5 years and now brings a Wheelie Bin Cleaning opportunity across the UK operating in both the Domestic and Commercial markets.

Bin Cleaned provides cleaning services to both the domestic wheelie bin market, as well as the commercial bin market. It may look simple, but you need the right equipment and background systems to operate the business efficiently and profitably.

At Bin Cleaned we have fine-tuned our systems, using software that enables us to schedule and manage our cleaning rounds alongside a tried and tested marketing strategy to grow our business.

Wheelie Bin Power Wash Clean

Each bin goes through the same cleaning process:

It’s lifted into the wash position, where high-pressure jets will rid the bin of all dirt and grime by the use of a biodegradable degreasing agent. Any excess water is then drained within our custom-designed equipment, to be filtered and recycled. The bin is then chemically sanitised with a biodegradable disinfectant and deodorised with our unique fragrance. This ensures your bin smells fresh all year round and the disinfectant will help kill germs and fly larvae.

All our products are purchased from local suppliers and meet local SEPA and Government legislation.

We are not just about Bins with other related services we can provide to our customers:

  • Bin storage area cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Paving Washing
  • Internal Bin Cleaning

The Business Opportunity

Owner Operator

This opportunity is designed to be cost-effective to start your own Bin Cleaned business with the full support of our franchise package.

You will operate within a clearly defined territory comprising a minimum of between 80,000 – 100,000 households.

We would envisage that you will handle all aspects of the business – marketing, admin and cleaning operations. However, head office will create marketing materials and assist with the set-up of Facebook pages and initial marketing.

Using our tried and tested marketing strategies we will work with you over the first 2 months to build your customer base. Once you have enough customers to make a round viable you will then take the cleaning rig, towed with your van, and complete the cleaning tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Regional Franchisee

This opportunity is designed for you to develop a management franchise with you supporting franchisees across a wider geographical territory.

You may start with operating your own rig in part of your territory or you may employ someone to do that.

Your role is primarily to grow the business using our tried and tested marketing strategies and to recruit and then provide ongoing support to franchisees, developing a region operating multiple rigs through owner-operator franchisees. Alternatively, you could adopt an employed model whereby you employ operators across multiple rigs, potentially investing in higher-capacity cleaning rigs.

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