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Full-service law company Bird & Bird has locations in London, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Far East. With an emphasis on helping and advising franchisors, mostly in the food and beverage, hotel, leisure, retail, education, healthcare, tuition, and services sectors, Bird & Bird has a renowned specialised franchise team.

Our specialised franchise dispute resolution team manages local and international litigation and arbitration as well as assists franchisors in minimising and avoiding the risk of disputes.

Examples of complementary legal services:

  • Trade mark management and protection
  • Commercial property
  • Data protection & privacy
  • Corporate investment and exit strategies
  • Employment & HR services
  • Competition law
  • Transfer pricing & tax planning & promotions
  • Advertising & marketing

Services provided by Bird & Bird’s franchise in the UK and abroad include:

  • Advice for the franchise business’s structure
  • Preparing the primary franchise agreement and supporting paperwork management and preservation of trademark programmes
  • Franchise rollouts and document management
  • Planning an exit strategy and corporate investment
  • In-house legal representation
  • Avoiding and resolving conflicts
  • Representing or defending franchisee group actions
  • Advice on marketing, promotions, and social media
  • Preserving the privacy of data
  • Franchise business shareholders’ tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Employment and pensions
  • Trade sales,
  • MBIs, and MBOs
  • Expert witnesses
  • Legal opinions

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