Business success is less about the equipment and more about the know-how and understanding of how a business really “ticks”. Bodystreet is the world’s leading operator in the area of EMS - Electo-Muscle Stimulation (more about that shortly). With over 14 years of experience, over 300 studios in 7 countries, makes Bodystreet the undisputed #1 in the sector.


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This position enables us to have first-hand expertise of the know-how and what you need to be trained on to operate a successful studio. Our confidence comes from the success experienced by people, just like you, operating Bodystreet studios across the globe. This expertise and confidence has led to Bodystreet creating extremely complex support programme. A support system that includes a 30-head team at the headquarters in Munich, a UK support team and various external business specialists.

Training and Support

To set up in business for yourself you’d practically need degrees in Business Administration, Psychology and Law, plus experience as an advertising consultant, web designer, HR manager, training consultant; to name just a few. And who has all of that?

Support is the most important reason why Bodystreet has pulled so far ahead in the market and our comprehensive support package for you includes:

  • Initial Training for you and all of your team
  • Employee recruitment and ongoing training. We help you with the search, interviews, HR needs and training and development.
  • Accounting: Few of us are experts in accounting. This is why we developed an extremely simple accounting solution.
  • Marketing and PR: You will have access to all our marketing materials, fliers and posters. You will also have an entire online marketing library on hand
  • Internet: Our dedicated website hosts your own pages for you to promote your studio and is designed to drive enquiries to directly to your business. This portal has generated revenue of more than £2.5 million per year from trial sessions and subsequent memberships.

Bodystreet the service

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym each week. Bodystreet is an innovative workout studio that combines expert personal training with the buzz of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The result is a highly effective exercise programme that enables your clients to get fit, tone up and build muscle – fast! This revolutionary system is so effective that only one 20-minute workout a week is all it takes; making it perfect for anyone with little time, or interest, to spend hours in a traditional gym.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training – the science bit

Everyday muscles are being stimulated. To enable movement muscles contract and relax through the impulses delivered to them via the central nervous system, the spinal cord and nerve fibres. These stimuli are, in the physical sense, electrical in nature. EMS is a targeted amplification of these stimuli which are delivered via the suit that is worn when exercising. In an EMS workout muscles experience an additional, increase in tension which optimises the engagement of your muscle fibres and thus delivers you a much more effective and efficient workout.

The numbers

Bodystreet studios do not require large premises. The average Bodystreet unit is around 800 ft2. This is fantastic news if you want to keep your set-up costs and ongoing expenses to a minimum. Monthly turnover per member is impressive. In the UK the average traditional gym membership is around £40 per month. Your studio, just like other Bodystreet studios in the UK, will average over double, or more of that.

We expect, in fact we guarantee, that operating breakeven will be achieved in 6 months or less from opening; assuming you implement the know-how correctly.

What makes you ideal to join Bodystreet?

You will need to have the ability to fund your business either personally or through the many sources of funding we have access to. Health or fitness experience is not vital – we can train you however, an interest in sport or fitness is a must to have any credibility. Key qualities are:

  • Interested in developing your team. Bodystreet has a vision to be the best employer in the fitness industry by having the best trained and motivated teams of trainers. We will provide you apprenticeship programmes, training and development resources to grow your team. Buying into that vision is a must to join Bodystreet.
  • You have a positive attitude
  • You are teachable and will follow a proven system
  • You possess a good standard of IT skills
  • Ambition – you want to succeed. And know why.
  • Willing to operate your business hands-on – on not in the business

Ultimately you want to be part of something, a business, that can effect change. Better health for your studio members through the workout programmes. Better employment and career prospects for the younger generation.

If you would like to join us on our journey and you believe you could be a great fit; request more information below.

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