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We believe we have a strong business model, which is still growing. We really wanted to focus on building a strong image and a brand people will remember.

This is just the beginning, there is more to come. We have over 1000 registered members at our Loughborough studio which has only been open 18 months, and 350 members at our Leicester studio, which only opened its doors 8 months ago.


At BOx Studio, we love fashion as much as we love fitness, so why not combine the two? There’s no reason our BOxERs can’t look on trend, whilst working out, so BOx Studio provides a capsule collection for men and women, also available via the BOx Studio website and social media platforms.


We tailor packages to clients who want that one on one session with a personal trainer. We offer nutritional plans/ workout programmes and more. It’s all about building relationships and keeping BOx feeling like a community and not a corporate facility.

Whether they want to build muscle, reduce body fat, improve their strength and fitness levels, the BOx Studio tailored training programs will get them there.


Our main studios have been designed with BOxERS in mind. The music has been tailored to challenge members and get the best out of them. Expect high energy and a unique space. All sessions are easy to book on the go via the BOx Studio app, Facebook or online. To see more images and footage please see our social media.



  • BOxBELL: An intense mixture of bag work and kettlebells. This full body workout is great for toning up and improving your muscular endurance, as well as making you sweat.
  • BOxBEAT: For all those dance lovers, this class gets you hitting the bag to the tempo of the beat. Always playing the newest hottest tracks to get you fired up for the weekend. Have fun moving to the beat of the music whilst improving power, timing and fitness.
  • BOxCORE: This class focuses on building a strong core foundation in the body. Plenty of ab work to keep that six pack chiseled in both winter and summer months. Brilliant class for toning that mid section.
  • BOxHIIT: This is a no nonsense fat burning class. It’s high energy, high intensity and awesome if you want to burn as much fat as you can in 45 minutes. This class is great for feeling the burn and improving body conditioning.
  • BOxTECH: This class focuses on improving your boxing skills and increasing your muscular strength in one great workout. Covering the basic fundamentals of boxing such as stance, footwork and punching technique, whilst working on using heavy resistance weights to help build strength.
  • BOxCAMP: Guaranteed to work the whole body and improve strength and endurance. This class uses a combination of challenging equipment including slam balls, barbells, resistant bands and kettle bells. If you want a challenging, full body workout then look no further.
  • BOxFLOW: FLOW like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Whether you’re a pro on the bag or an experienced yogi, this class will give you nothing less than a full body workout, with a clear mind to finish. Get more from your boxing workouts by improving your physical strength and refining your functional movement and flexibility to optimise fitness, and maximise performance.



  • Providing clients with an unrivalled service.
  • Nurturing long-lasting relationships with clients.
  • Helping clients choose the right class to match their fitness levels.
  • A rewarding experience.
  • A highly experienced team of professionals.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that we provide an exceptional service based on our years of industry experience. BOx Studio has created a unique, structured business model that promotes a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

A BOx Studio franchise offers excellent financial reward in return for a highly competitive investment. The exact cost of opening a studio will vary on the size of the premises. Franchisees should expect a budget price of £50,000 to £70,000 to fully equip and refurbish the premises in line with the BOx Studio brand.



  • The opportunity to trade as an exclusive BOx Studio in your chosen territory.
  • Expert training.
  • Use of our website and a dedicated landing page and e-mail which is exclusive to the franchisee.
  • E-commerce site.
  • Social media pages, including content to use e.g. videos, images.
  • Marketing materials, including business cards, flyers, roller banner etc.
  • Branded workwear.
  • Continued support and advice from head office.
  • Fully equipped studio with package.
  • Smoothie bar.


As a franchisee, you will be involved in all aspects of the operation of the business. As a franchisor, BOx Studio will be acting in a support role during this process.

From day one, and on an on-going basis, BOx Studio will help you to develop your business; the strength and success of our business is a key factor in our growth. Growth and success is essential, as we only succeed when you succeed.



  • A proven business model and brand.
  • A licence to use the brand and systems.
  • A knowledgeable support team.
  • Operations manual.
  • Marketing material.
  • Access to operating systems.
  • Centralised online booking system.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Control over your earning potential.

The BOx Studio business model is about quality and exceptional, bespoke customer service and satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing a quality product and service.

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