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Capital Fleet Solutions focuses on auto financing and maintenance. With the options we provide, franchisees and their franchisors may pick the perfect vehicle for their business. We provide either completely operational van packs or individual components. We work with vehicles of all sizes and makes. We have experts in finances available to help you choose the best financial plan for your needs. Some of the items you can choose from are listed below.

  • Option 1: Vans can be financed off-balance-sheet through a finance lease, allowing VAT-registered customers to spread the expense of VAT across monthly instalments rather than paying the VAT in full upfront. Our financing rates are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Option Two: Buy-Rental. You can rent a vehicle with an HP Agreement and make instalment payments over time. After the vehicle is paid in full, it is yours to keep. A balloon payment after the agreement can be arranged to lower the monthly instalments. The contract can be terminated at any moment.
  • Option Three: a leasing alternative called “Contract Hire” is offered to single proprietors, partnerships, and limited liability firms. It’s a legally binding contract outlining the terms and conditions for renting a car for a predetermined amount of time (and miles driven) each month.

Benefits of working with Capital Fleet Solutions:

  • Benefit from our bulk purchase savings with all the main van manufacturers and utilise Capital Fleet Solutions to save money. We subsequently provide this to our clientele.
  • Going Out There and Making Good on Our Promises. We bring our fully-equipped delivery vans straight to your franchisees’ places of business, so they can get to work right away.
  • You can trust us to safeguard your brand’s integrity by adhering carefully to your specifications for van wrapping and fittings, as well as those of your franchise.
  • In addition to assigning a single point of contact to you, we can also supply you with our in-house marketing department and a set of tailored materials to use in explaining the various alternatives to your franchisees.

Services Capital Fleet Solutions offers:

We’ve converted a wide variety of vehicles, from Ford Transits and Peugeot Boxers to VW Crafters, Mercedes Sprinters, Citroen Relays, and more. A comprehensive selection of tools to meet your requirements

    • Wheelchair Accessible Spaces with Metal and Plywood Shelving
    • Cages/crates for Animals
    • First-Aid Kit Eye Wash & Fire Extinguisher
    • Rooftop LED Flashlights
    • Checkerplate Flooring
    • Inspection Hand Wash Unit Cameras Minicam, Solo Pro, iPod Touch, or Dart Eye
    • Lighting, Interior and Exterior, Rear
    • Steel and Plastic Pipes
    • Fast-Trac Vehicle Wrap
    • Second-Layer Bulkhead
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Locker Night Lights
    • Amber LED Strobes

We supply you with a fully customised and individual quote that takes into account any scalability needs for your franchisees, as well as the vehicle and setup you specify.

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