Now Launching: The Amazing Central Command Opportunity…

Central Command offers you the rare chance to be in on the ground floor of a truly outstanding and lucrative business opportunity.

Here’s why…

In 2020, the year of the pandemic, digital marketing spending in the UK grew to a whopping £15.6 billion, $9.5 billion in Australia and a staggering $365 billion in the US. It continues to grow at a rapid and almost exponential pace and that is because the internet is now actively used by around 89% of people to find the things they want.

It is huge, unstoppable and will only get bigger.

If a business wants to remain profitable and grow then it must market itself in the places where that 89% of people are looking – and that is on the internet on social media, websites and via search engines.

Every business has been impacted by the internet. Many adversely because they just don’t know how to leverage it.

The internet has levelled the marketing playing field and every business should take advantage of its power, potential and the abundant profits and opportunities it can yield.

The problem for the vast majority of businesses is that they either don’t know how (they literally haven’t a clue) or they lack the expertise to take advantage of ‘digital’ marketing to the full.

And that’s where the partnership of You and Central Command enter… Together, we provide a range of unique, powerful and affordable digital marketing solutions that offers real results that are trackable, measurable and accountable.

Most of all, what we do answers our clients biggest business problem: Getting a reliable and continuous flow of new customers, sales and sustainable growth!

Owning Your Own Digital Marketing Agency…

This B2B international franchise offers you the opportunity to earn a significant 6 figure income with your own digital marketing business:

  • Non-Technical – No experience required.
  • World-class training is provided with comprehensive support.
  • Highly scalable business with huge market.
  • Company-made appointments and leads.
  • Exclusive, compelling products.
  • Recurring monthly income.
  • All product technical and supply work is done for you.
  • Large, exclusive territory.
  • Full or part time.
  • Work from home or office.
  • A few Master Franchisee opportunities are now available.

Together We Revolutionise Business…

As a Central Command Partner your role is to offer businesses the latest and most powerful digital marketing solutions available. These include social media marketing, search engine optimisation, videos and website creation, online advertising, lead generation and much more.

  • Being part of a growing, reputable and winning brand.
  • A non-stop stream of appointments with potential clients.
  • Offering the entire suite of digital marketing services.
  • Highly competitive pricing but high margins due to scale.
  • All fulfilment of products and services is done for you.
  • Potential for 6 figure income or more with our Business Growth Blueprint.
  • World-class training and a dedicated support team.
  • State-of-the-art technology to help operate your business.

With Central Command you become a complete digital marketing service provider.

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