The importance of cleanliness in workplaces has always been high, but it has increased significantly in the post-pandemic era. The ability to ensure the proper cleaning materials and techniques is crucial in industries such health care or ambulance trusts, where it can literally be a question of life and death for patients and staff. Chemex is useful for this purpose.

Businesses in need of assistance, instruction, supplies, or equipment can contact one of the company’s franchise specialists anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe. They offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for organisations by combining products, equipment, training, and assistance.

You, as a Chemex franchisee, are more than simply a place to pick up and drop off products; you’re also a resource for questions and concerns.

With franchisees in the network ranging in experience from little than a year to more than 30, there is always someone to turn to for help with any question. This, in addition to the team’s collective expertise, ensures that you’ll have someone to turn to for help with every issue that arises.

What is the business concept for a Chemex franchise?

You’ll work Monday through Friday in a business-to-business capacity, supplying a variety of companies with cleaning supplies, machinery, COSHH education, and counselling. On a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, your clients will buy from you. This assures a steady flow of income and the potential for quick expansion.

Every company that has physical location might be considered a prospective client. The neighbourhood pub will benefit from your patronage, as will Fortune 500 companies like JCB. You are more than simply a provider when you make scheduled visits to your clients to deliver cleaning supplies and equipment.

Franchisees will conduct an inspection of the location during drop-off visits so that they may better serve their clientele and teach their employees. A wash-your-hands billboard may have been knocked over, or the COSHH folder may have not been updated to reflect recent changes to products or regulations.

These are all areas that may land a company in hot water with environmental regulators, and yet they are not always noticed by upper management. As an added bonus, you may help general managers with stock management.

Your expertise in cleaning regulations, customer service, and employee welfare will make you an invaluable asset to your clients.

What kind of guidance and assistance are there?

Following making an inquiry, a member of the Chemex team will call you for a casual talk about why you want to manage your own Chemex Franchise, what you hope to achieve, and what you’ve learned from previous business endeavours.

During this conversation, the franchisor can fill you in on the latest company news and provide you any further materials you may need.

Chemex will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement and invite you to a virtual Discovery Day if you’re interested after reading this. The technical, the underlying margins, and every other facet of the business will all get a thorough examination on this call.

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