Start a lucrative and rewarding business offering business coaching and consulting services to the many millions of prospective clients across the UK and beyond. We will train you on how to work effectively in this highly profitable marketplace and our franchises are available from just £19,950.

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Take control of your life and choose your customers and how many hours you work each week

Are you looking to start your own business? Are you tired of working in the corporate world, working hard to make money for someone else? A franchise with Chrysalis Partners can transform your hard work into a business which can deliver an income of six figures and more.

Who are Chrysalis Partners?

Chrysalis Partners are offering the very latest approach to business coaching and consulting, using proven business models which have helped thousands of businesses to become more successful.

Our business model allows a franchisee to operate with a hybrid approach to coaching and consulting, which makes acquiring and retaining clients far easier than ever before. You will use your own skills in parallel with our world class models and systems to drive growth in your clients’ businesses and in return earn an excellent income.

We offer unlimited support for our franchisees and we will drive you hard to help you become successful and our model is backed by a money back guarantee on your license fee such is our confidence in the systems we are offering.

An outstanding opportunity for those with drive and determination.

The demand for our services is huge and ongoing

With more than 5 million small to medium businesses in the UK the demand for our services is huge. Furthermore, most new businesses fail in the first few years so the requirement for a business coach to help steer these businesses to success is greater than ever.

New franchisees are joining a community of business professionals who will be able to share their experiences and thoughts on how they are using the Chrysalis Partners models and strategies to best effect with their clients. With regular group meetings we encourage you to work together and share successes to broaden your knowledge base and leverage one another’s strengths.

Chrysalis Partners is using the very latest coaching and consulting systems and models to enable our franchisees to work with clients of all sizes, unlike many of our competitors. What this means to you is attracting and winning new clients becomes far simpler and offers you great diversity in the clients you choose to work with.

Franchisee training and support

World class training is held in a luxury facility with full residential facilities included for the duration of your training. You will find the training ground breaking in many areas and it will certainly open your eyes to the infinite possibilities to develop and grow a business. You will receive training on all of the systems we operate and our systems are constantly evolving and any new materials developed over time are given free of charge to current franchisees. Once training is complete, we offer unlimited ongoing support and enhanced support for anyone who needs it. We are totally committed to the success of our franchisees and we back this up with a money back guarantee on your license fee in the event that you cannot be successful.

Excellent return on investment

The cost of the franchise is very competitive with any similar franchise available at just £19,950 including full training. However, despite the initial outlay being less, the potential returns are significant for those individuals who follow the activity guidelines and systems which we recommend. You should be cash positive within a few short months and highly profitable in your first year of working with the system.

Up front and back end fees

Our business coaches enjoy an upfront monthly fee payable in advance from every client and the franchisee is in complete control over what to charge. In addition to the monthly fixed fee we charge a ‘back end’ success fee which is payable and directly proportional to the amount of growth you deliver to the client – the more money they make the more money you make.

Why join Chrysalis Partners?

We are not the only business consulting/coaching opportunity out there but the way we work is unique and this makes gaining clients easier than ever before. Our strategies have been used on hundreds of clients over many years and have been developed to give the franchisee a step by step engagement model which is easy to understand for both the franchisee and the client. In addition we appeal to a far wider client base because of the way we charge for our time giving the franchisee many thousands of potential clients within a sensible working radius.

Chrysalis Partners has many benefits, including:

  • Excellent cash flow from an early stage – clients pay in advance.
  • Fully inclusive 4 day residential training course.
  • Full access to the Chrysalis Partners coaching and consulting system.
  • Chrysalis Partners operating licence.
  • Unlimited support from head office.
  • Attendance at regular head office events.
  • Ongoing training to include new materials developed.
  • Initial supply of stationary and supplies.
  • Personalised biography on the Chrysalis partners website.
  • Partner advancement programme.
  • Use of Chrysalis Partners branding for your practice.
  • Money back guarantee on your license fee.

So why should you consider a Business Coaching franchise?

Business coaching is in great demand and the need keeps growing. The Office of National Statistics states that over four hundred thousand new businesses are started in the UK every year, however business ‘deaths’ are also on the increase with a similar figure failing. Most fail because they run out of cash and our franchisees can help to work with the business owners to create more profit in the business and also develop the in house systems to make the business run more smoothly.

This business opportunity not only will improve the quality of life for the business owner but also for the franchisee. You choose your hours of work and your customers and once fully up and running you should be earning well into six figures with a substantial profit margin. If you want to work part time in the business and spend more time with your loved ones or practice your golf swing, you can do that too – the possibilities are endless.

Low start up costs

Unlike some franchises, the initial outlay for Chrysalis Partners is very affordable. Not only is the fee payable very reasonable but you have very little that you need to buy to get started. If you are mobile and have a telephone and a laptop you are ready to go – everything else you need is provided within the franchise system.


Chrysalis Partners are members of the British Franchise Association and chose to pursue this path as only ethically run franchises are eligible to join. We have worked closely with key partners to ensure that our franchise agreement and business model offer franchisees an excellent opportunity to become very successful and enjoy a rewarding and well-balanced lifestyle.

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