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Clover: Convenient Payment Options in One Place At Clover UK, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises expand and prosper. These companies are the backbone of our economy, therefore we must do all in our power to ensure their success. Clover UK is here to assist you whether you are just getting started or are ready to expand to the next level. Just what makes Clover worth picking? We’re proud to provide adaptable services that bring several advantages to business owners, such as:

Strong transaction processing Our cutting-edge Clover POS software was made with small businesses in mind so that they may quickly, effortlessly, and safely take payments from customers. Clover enables merchants to take all major credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, for payment processing. In addition, Clover provides several helpful tools, including:

Excellent support for customers Support representatives from Clover UK are available around-the-clock to assist you with everything from system configuration to problem-solving. You may contact them through phone, electronic mail, or real-time chat. There’s also an article-filled knowledge resource for quick solutions to frequent problems.

How we feel about things Because it is central to our mission to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed, we provide comprehensive payment and eCommerce solutions that streamline their processes and cut costs. Our core beliefs are:

Insight and comprehension We have a deep familiarity with the issues facing business owners and can provide you with sympathetic, actionable advice to help your company succeed.


Services Clover offer:

The Whole Shebang on Clover Services
Providing you with the resources you need to run a successful business is the driving force behind our comprehensive portfolio of point-of-sale systems. Since 2012, Clover has been offering fantastic point-of-sale (POS) solutions to small and medium-sized companies like yours. Read on to learn more about the first-rate offerings we have available and how they might benefit your company.

Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) System Suite, State-of-the-Art Our versatile POS software may be tailored to meet the requirements of every company. Products included in the Clover set are: Accept credit card and mobile wallet payments anywhere with the Clover Flex portable card reader. The Clover Mini is a small yet powerful point-of-sale system that may fit on your tabletop. Clover Station Pro is a powerful countertop POS till system designed to minimise wait times.

Analytics of all available data to inform company strategy With our insightful data analytics, you may utilise up-to-the-moment information to guide your company’s course. Sales, income, and consumer tendencies are just some of the indicators that may be monitored with such comprehensive analytics and insights.

Our extensive app store provides endless administrative support. With The Clover App Market, you can choose from over a hundred different apps to totally tailor your point-of-sale setup. The applications are many, ranging from time and attendance tracking to customer relationship management and loyalty schemes.

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