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ColourFence’s origins may be traced all the way back to Australia. Climar Industries Ltd. dominated 45 percent of the Australian fencing market with their COLORBOND steel-made, lightweight fences. In 2003, with expansion into the United Kingdom as a primary goal, ColourFence Franchises was established.

The firm has grown to over 50 franchisees, with most of them having annual revenues of over £250,000, in a sector where there are few alternatives to timber fence.

Proud homeowners who had been dealing with wood rot, flaking paint, and expensive maintenance on their fences were quick to recognise the advantages of a product that required no upkeep and could endure hurricane-force winds. After installation, the fence has a 25-year corrosion-free warranty. To accomplish this, a lightweight alloy and a zinc coating with self-healing properties are used.

The installed barriers can resist winds of up to 130 miles per hour. Just giving it an occasional hose-down will keep the paint looking like new for years to come.

Can I start a ColourFence business without prior expertise in the building industry?

Yes! The ColourFence franchise is searching for persons with strong business management abilities rather than construction workers or builders (but any relevant expertise is appreciated). Visiting customer sites and meeting with employees in person can help you save money and get significant experience in the early stages of your company’s existence.

If you have faith in your team’s capacity to do the task without incident, you may shift your focus to activities like marketing and management.

Your key responsibilities as a business owner are connected to marketing, customer service, project management, and the creation of new leads.

Can you tell me how much money a ColourFence franchise can make?

The total amount you’ll spend on ColourFence supplies is known in advance and remains consistent throughout the project. Yet, as labour prices vary across the UK, it’s hard to give an accurate margin. According to ColourFence, the average franchisee’s gross profit is 50%. How much money you make off of it depends solely on how well run your company is.

Can you tell me about the ColourFence franchise’s training and support options?

The franchise fee will include comprehensive training designed just for you and your business. Everything from actual site inspections to paperwork will be covered.

First, you’ll get a thorough education in both site surveys and the practical installation process. Moreover, you can get up and running quickly with the support of established and tested sales and marketing tactics that are unique to ColourFence. In order to cut expenses and manage staff effectively, the team will instruct you on the finest administrative practises.

You will be instructed in every facet of managing the company. Your strengths and limitations will be taken into account while you train. If you have a background in building, for instance, you may prioritise studying marketing and management.

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