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QASSS, a supplier of alternative conflict resolution that specialises in the home renovation, home service, and renewable energy industries, has brought its Dispute Help brand to the franchise market. Everything that has to do with the house in general! There are three main points of emphasis: 100% service equality.

Everyone is given the same consideration. Resolution time. Our service turnaround time is 20 times faster than the market standard. New approaches to pricing. As is common in the ADR industry, we make sure the company is not hit with unexpectedly high costs. We make sure the opposing party also pays their share. We have been successful because we have stayed true to our roots in the home improvement and renewable energy industries. Since 2006, we’ve been at it.

Services Dispute Assist offer:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is set to become the primary way of providing consumers and businesses with a facility to address issues outside of court as UK legislation prepares for further change with respect to consumer damage. In reality, courts already strongly encourage this by awarding the other party’s expenses if they win a case in court after the parties have not attempted ADR first.

Franchises may stand out from the crowd with Dispute Help while simultaneously staying in line with ever-evolving regulations. We guarantee that all final customers are protected by our service, and we’ll personally handle any complaints that have gone more than 28 days without being addressed. If it appears that both sides are at a standstill, we can grab them sooner as well.

We’ll handle all of the dialogue between the franchise and the final customer, utilising our years of expertise and cutting-edge tools to find a solution that works for everyone involved. To make things simpler for the financial controllers, we include everything in the price. Expert decision, expert witness testimony, independent inspections, and mediation are all covered. We also have a network of independent contractors we may tap into to carry out any necessary corrective work. And you can get all of this for just a few pounds per task.

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