A firm of chartered accountants with its headquarters in Cheshire, DJH Mitten Clarke specialises in offering accounting, tax, payroll, business development, and related services to the UK franchise industry.

As representatives of a sizable number of franchisees and as the designated or preferred accountants for several franchise networks, we are honoured to be members of the BFA. We work with more than 400 franchise companies (both franchisors and franchisees) to provide advice and guidance to owners on an ongoing basis.

Franchise Services

We are in a unique position to offer self-employed people, limited companies, LLP’s, and partnerships operating in the franchise sector the best advice and guidance on all financial and accounting-related matters as we are the nominated accountants for several franchise networks and franchisees throughout the UK.

This includes working with franchisees who are just starting out in business and need some mentoring, as well as working with seasoned franchisors to expand their network. You can count on a quick response and prompt identification and correction of any problem areas thanks to our in-house support and extensive industry knowledge.

Our goal is to support you throughout the lifecycle of your company by providing supplemental services like bookkeeping and management accounts, guidance on cloud-based accounting software, tax advice and planning, handling of goodwill, BACS accredited payroll, review of KPI’s to assess progress and ensure that objectives are being met, limited companies vs. sole traders, making tax digital (MTD), VAT, cash-flows, and business plans.

Additionally, we have teams of experts who can help with R&D tax claims and Capital Allowance quantification.


We provide an online accounting package as part of a network-wide accounting solution. You and your franchisees will promptly receive management information that will aid in the growth of the franchisees’ businesses. You can compare your franchisees to KPIs by using a network supplier of accounting services.

By doing this, you’ll be able to speak to your franchisees about the areas that need improvement and help them fix them. A good accounting solution will also provide you with more information and insight into your company’s trends, and review meetings will cover all of these topics.


You may be new to starting and managing a business, so it’s critical that you get expert guidance from an accountant with experience in this field. Since we have been providing franchisees and franchisors with advice for more than 30 years, we have developed an understanding of exactly what makes a successful business. We’ll be able to give you advice on:

  • Considering the future viability of the company and its chances of success Before you spend your hard-earned money
  • Helping you with the creation of cash flow forecasts and business plans
  • Introducing you to a committed team member who will serve as your future point of contact
  • The suitability of various accounting systems based in the cloud, including instruction and advice
  • Making sure you are meeting your payroll and PAYE KPIs
  • Taxes on individuals and businesses, as well as year-end tax planning

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