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Esemdee is a complete social media management system made to handle the unique challenges of social media marketing for franchises and multi-location businesses. Our platform provides a variety of tools to help you save time and energy while expanding the reach and interest in your brand’s online presence. Esemdee was formed in 2016 by two devoted individuals who saw a need in the industry for more all-encompassing social media solutions, especially for franchise models of the company.

What can Esemdee do for franchises? It might be difficult to keep up with your franchise’s social media accounts in addition to your other duties as a business owner. Esemdee is necessary for this purpose. Our multi-award-winning social media management system is tailored to the evolving requirements of franchise businesses. Gaining command, safeguarding your brand, and distributing top-notch information without any friction is now possible with Esemdee. We provide in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities because we know that a data-driven approach to social media management is essential for making the best possible decisions.

WHAT IS “ESEMDEE PLUS”? A customer relationship management system that facilitates marketing and sales operations for companies with multiple locations, such as national and international brands, franchises, and chains. Esemdee Plus helps businesses manage numerous locations, safeguard their brand, and enhance client interaction with tools including lead generation, appointment scheduling, email and SMS marketing, and pipeline management.

WHAT IS “ESEMDEE SOLUTIONS”? Our all-inclusive advertising strategies are designed to raise brand awareness, entice new customers, and fuel expansion for your franchise. Get a taste of the synergy of professional tactics, niche content, and hard statistics that will boost your brand and give you an edge in the market.

Services Esemdee offer:

In conclusion, Esemdee offers a set of services tailored to the needs of franchise firms to improve their marketing, sales, and CRM. The following advantages accrue to franchise firms when Esemdee, Esemdee Plus, and Esemdee Solutions are used together:

  • Increase your brand’s online visibility by employing social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and sponsored advertisements.
  • Maintaining contact with clients, monitoring their activity, and enhancing their experience are all possible with the aid of Esemdee Plus, a customer relationship management system.
  • Get more leads and boost your bottom line by investing in marketing research services that help your company learn more about its customers’ wants and requirements.
  • Brand credibility and awareness may be boosted through social media content marketing’s dissemination of interesting and useful information to the brand’s fan base.
  • Reach your ideal clientele by narrowing in on them with targeted paid ads and search engine optimisation techniques.
  • To stay ahead of the competition and on top of emerging trends, organisations should provide a broad suite of digital marketing services.
  • Franchise firms can benefit from Esemdee, Esemdee Plus, and Esemdee Solutions since they provide a unified platform for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.

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