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Simple yet potent tools for financial analysis, reporting on performance, forecasting cash flow in three directions, comparing and consolidating data, and more. Integrates seamlessly with programmes like Xero and QuickBooks. 50,000+ companies across the world are using this to power their insights. Prepare for anything with Fathom, from graphically locating trouble spots across the network to generating personalised reports.

Services Fathom offers:

Fathom for Franchisors: This is your total overhead perspective. You may easily monitor franchisee progress, make comparisons, and generate reports. What Fathom does for franchise owners:

  • Get a unified picture of your franchisees’ financial data, charts of account, and key performance indicators for a thorough evaluation of the system as a whole
  • Determine which franchises are succeeding and which are failing through the use of benchmarking and comparison, from which you may draw actionable conclusions
  • Make use of standardised report formats to have periodic reports generated automatically for all departments
  • Combine data from various parts of the network to get a complete picture
  • To get the most useful information, divide your franchisees into subsets based on geography or other factors

Fathom for Franchisees: Obtain all the data you need to improve your company in one convenient location. Keep tabs on outcomes, stick to spending plans, and make progress more quickly. Fathom’s Benefits for Franchise Owners:

  • Easy-to-use processes, reports, and consolidations help you save time
  • Learn the latest stats that matter
  • Anonymized benchmarking lets you see how you stack up against the competition
  • Get customised reports on performance and share information with your franchisor with ease
  • In just a few clicks, you can get a birds-eye perspective of all of your franchise locations at once

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