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Franchise Focus is a group of knowledgeable franchise professionals who offer tested, practical, and unbiased guidance to help companies of all sizes successfully franchise and grow.

Since Clive Smith and Simon Mills, our principal consultants, have both worked at the senior management level in franchising for the entirety of their careers, they are uniquely qualified to lead and assist franchise development initiatives.

Our service offerings are made to help businesses determine whether franchising is a good strategy for growth, those looking to set up a strong franchise network, and seasoned franchisors looking for advice on network management and growth issues.

Collaboration is the way we work with our clients. We will learn about your company, the industry it serves, and your goals and objectives in great detail. This will enable us to agree on specific strategies and actions that are suitable and achievable.

Our responsibility is to ensure that your franchise model is solid, taking into account all operational, financial, regulatory, legal, and development aspects of your company.

The service we offer is bespoke, not a copy of prior projects, and our goal is to add real value to your business development strategy while taking into account your budget and timeline.

We provide the following services:

  • Reviewing to see if franchising is a good strategy and identifying requirements, known as a feasibility assessment.
  • The development of the main elements of a franchise system includes the creation of a development plan, contractual obligations, a fee structure, territory requirements, compliance and reporting systems, and resource planning.
  • Production of manual content and documentation of policies and procedures for operations manuals.
  • Franchisee recruitment: handling activity and managing lead generation.
  • Franchise pilots: setting up and running operations for pilots.
  • Franchisee management: Tips on improving franchisee performance and expanding the network’s revenue.

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